How to Change Routing Number On Cash App

A routing number is a nine-digit number that helps to identify a particular bank or a credit union. That means that the number is unique, and no bank can have a routing number similar to another one. However, one bank may have several routing numbers depending on location. Being a mobile payment platform, the cash App works as a bank and has a routing number. I will guide you on how to change the routing number on the Cash App later in this article.

Cash App is a mobile payment platform by Square, an American financial platform that operates online. Cash App allows people to send and receive money from friends and relatives. The Cash App charges no fees to send money to others. Furthermore, it is safe and fast as compared to bank transfers. It is thus a peer-to-peer money app that works on smartphones with iOS and Android operating systems. You can also use a computer to access your account online.

Since Cash App is purely online, there is no need for queuing in a physical bank. You can save time to do other economic activities that can help you generate more income. It’s not that banks are wrong, as sometimes we need them for various kinds of transactions. I am trying to put across the convenience that comes with Cash App and other related apps. The good thing is that banks have realized this and are beginning to avail most of their services online.

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Does Cash App have a routing number?

How to Change Routing Number on Cash App

Since Cash App is a financial institution, it has a routing number. You can always find the routing number as long as you are active on your account. All certified banks and other financial institutions have a unique number (routing number) to help identify where someone opened an account. Otherwise, it would be messy, and transactions would be messy due to mix-ups of here and there.

Cash App routing number is a nine-digit number just like others. The first four numbers represent the Federal Reserve routing symbol, while the next four digits help identify the Cash App institution. The ninth number acts as the check digit. It is useful for verifying the genuineness of the entire routing number.

For ordinary bank accounts, you can find the routing number at the bottom of your check. The first group of digits at the bottom of your check represents the routing number. The next set of numbers is your account number, while the last set of numbers to the right is the check number.

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Why is the routing number important in Cash App?

The routing number in Cash App helps you to deposit and enjoy check withdrawal service directly. The number also helps to identify where you opened your Cash App account. There are different routing numbers in other states. Therefore, people using Cash App in New York may have a different routing number from those in Alabama and others.

If someone is sending you money from a bank account, they need your routing number to transfer money successfully. They also need your account number. Both the routing number and account number are essential when sending money to someone else from a different bank or the same bank but in another region.

To set up bill payments, you need the routing number. These include electricity, water, internet, and rent. You can set automatic bill payments so that you do not have to initiate the process every month.

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How to find your Cash App routing number

Finding your Cash App routing number should not be a big issue. The following step-by-step process can help you find your routing number on your Cash App.

  • First, sign into the Cash App from your smartphone or computer.
  • Press the “My Cash” tab at the far right corner of the home screen
  • Next, press the cash option and scroll down to find and select the “Get Account Number” tab.
  • After that, select “Enable Account” on the next screen.
  • Here, you will find your routing number and your Cash App account number.
  • You can copy and share it with the preferred person or employer.

To save the hustle of always following this procedure to get the routing number, you can write it somewhere on paper or save it like a phone contact on your phone so that if any party needs it, you can share it with them.

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How to change my routing number on Cash App from 041 to 073

If you want to change your cash app routing number, you must create a new Cash App account. If you were using 041 and want to switch to 073, there is no shortcut here. Just start a new Cash App account, and the unique routing number will reflect.

Alternatively, you can open your Cash App account, go to the personal section, and then change your address to match the current state. Next, check whether the current routing number matches the one for your state. If things become difficult, you have to contact Cash App customer care.

A routing number is very important, especially when receiving payments from your employer, and if you give a routing number that does not match the current state, then your money may delay. However, you need to note that you cannot change the account and routing numbers if you have already submitted the tax return.

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How can you find a Cash App routing number & enable direct deposit?

If you want to send money using an account and routing number successfully, you have to ensure that you have the correct details. It means the receiver must ensure that they give you the right numbers, or else you may end up forwarding money to the wrong people, or the transactions may bounce.

To find the Cash App routing number, you have to log into your account and navigate the “My Cash” section. You can then proceed to “Get Account Number” and then to the “Enable Account” tab, whereby your routing number will appear. Next, enable direct deposit by tapping on the banking tab on the home screen of your Cash App, then select “Deposits & Transfers.”

Afterward, select “Copy Details” and provide the account and routing numbers. You will have successfully enabled the direct deposit process. Direct deposit refers to the transfer of money electronically from one bank account to a different bank account.

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Can you change the routing number on Cash App?

You can change your Cash App routing number if you move from one place to another, most probably from one state to another. However, it is not a direct activity, and you will have to create a new Cash App account to correspond with the area routing number. It means that you should choose a different residential address from another state in the US.

Cash App works with Lincoln Savings Bank, which has around 22 routing numbers. The bank has about 17 branches across the United States of America. If you move to a different area, you may find another Lincoln Savings Bank around and thus the need to have another Cash App account. You can keep the current account or delete it permanently. Cash App allows users to have multiple accounts, and thus you can have as many accounts as possible.

However, for each account, you have to use a different phone number or email address. A single phone or email number cannot work on two accounts. If you stay for long without using your Cash App account, it can be deactivated, forcing you to activate it. Cash App activates an account within 48 hours to 72 hours.

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What is the new Cash App routing number?

Cash App has a new routing number that you need to know. The 073923033 is the Cash App’s unique routing number. The importance of noting the new routing number is to speed up direct deposits that may delay if you used the old one. It is important to note that 073923033 is a routing number for Lincoln Savings Bank, which works with Cash App. The other routing number for the same bank is 073905527.

Where to find Cash App bank name, routing, and account number

You can use a bank to get money off the Cash App without a card. However, you need to link your bank account with Cash App to facilitate the process. To know your Cash App bank name, follow the following procedure.

  • Download the Cash App from the Google Play or App Store.
  • While on the home screen, click the profile icon 
  • Next, scroll down to the option “Fund.”
  • Navigate downward, and see the details of Cash App routing and bank account numbers.
  • You will now be able to get your bank name, address, and phone number via routing number (If you search it online).

Once you have the details, you can then share them with your employer or anyone else who wants to send you money. While the routing number helps identify where you opened your Cash App account, the account number uniquely distinguishes you from the other Cash App users.

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Bottom line

A routing number helps to show where you opened your Cash App account. You can change your Cash App routing number but not directly. You can decide to either change your address to match the state you are currently in or create a new Cash App account. Changing the address leads to a change of the routing number. You can only use a separate phone or email number to create a new Cash App account.