Cash App Account Number & How to Find It (2022 Guide!)

Square’s Cash App is a popular digital money transfer app and a peer-to-peer payment digital wallet that allows you to pay your friends and family directly.

This type of money transfer doesn’t require cash or long bank lines and it keeps track of all your payments. Users can ask for your Cash App account number to provide it to your company for direct deposit.

If you’re having issues locating your Cash App account number, you can contact the Cash App support staff for technical assistance or go to your Cash App and tap the Banking tab from the Cash App home screen.

Below your balance, select the account number and routing number. Copy your account number and routing numbers.

In this post, we’ll show you how to quickly find your Cash App account number on your smartphone.

Cash App Account Numbers

Cash App gives a unique account number to each verified user to facilitate payment capabilities like direct deposit. 

That said, only verified Cash App users get the account number. Cash App doesn’t create an account number for unverified users.

If you’re a verified Cash App user and can’t find your account number, read on.

How Many Digits is the Cash App Account Number?

The Cash App account number is 10 digits long.

To find it, open your Cash App. You’ll find it right next to your Cash Balance from the app’s home screen.

How to Find Cash App Account Number?

cash app cards
The Cash App account number is 10 digits long.

If you’re having trouble finding your account number, follow these steps:

  • Open Cash App on your smartphone.
  • Choose the “My Cash” option.
  • Search for the green money sign and click the “Cash” option.
  • Keep scrolling down to the “Direct Deposit” column.
  • Find the “Get Account Number” option and click on it.
  • When a pop-up screen appears, look for the option to “Enable Account.”
  • Navigate to your page’s account information area.
  • Choose “Copy Account Details”.
  • Paste the copied text somewhere safe (note, doc file, etc.) to use later.

If you still can not find your Cash App account number, contact the Cash App support team

How to Find Cash App Account Number On Android?

It’s basically the same process we have mentioned above. Just follow the steps, and you should be able to find your account number.

How to Get Cash App Account Number Without Card?

Sometimes a Cash App user may want to add their bank account directly without a debit or credit card. Cash App has two options to add a bank account.

If you don’t have a debit card, you can still receive an account number using Cash App. Cash App also accepts bank account registration.

To add a bank account to Cash App without a card, complete these steps:

  • Open Cash App.
  • Select banking.
  • Add a bank account
  • Select your bank from the list.
  • Enter your credentials.

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Why is My Cash App Account Number Not Showing?

cash app account number
You can only see your Cash App account number from a verified account.

The Cash App account number will be generated automatically if you recently installed a Cash App mobile app and connected a bank account.

However, you can only see your Cash App account number from a verified account. If you haven’t verified it yet, do that first.

Can You Change Your Cash App Account Number?

Cash App does not let users change routing and account numbers for security reasons. You also can’t modify your account or routing number after submitting your tax return.

If you want to change your account number, you may do so by updating and verifying your new address and bank information.

A user can change his/her bank account number by altering his residence and bank information. You should contact Cash App customer care if you can’t change it.

Is There a Routing Number for Cash App?

Yes, Cash app has a routing number for easy direct deposits and payments.

Because the routing number isn’t public, finding it in Cash App may be difficult for some users.

To find your Cash App routing number:

  • On your Cash App home screen, tap Banking.
  • Then tap the routing and account numbers.
  • Copy your account and routing numbers.
  • Click “yes” when asked for a bank account number during direct deposit setup.

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What is a Cash App Routing Number?

The Cash App routing number is a 9-digit code displayed on the app’s main screen. This number is used for direct deposit.

Cash App has two routing numbers.

They are:

  • Sutton Bank’s official CaspApp routing number is 041215663.
  • The new Cash App routing number is 073923033 from Lincoln Savings Bank.