What Does the Cash App Business Symbol Mean? (Explained!)

Recently, I was sending payment for online purchases. Then I saw a green symbol next to the merchant’s Cash App account name.

The green symbol that appears next to everyone’s names on CashApp is something I’m unfamiliar with, so I was wondering what it is.

Are you wondering too? Let’s find out in this guide the Cash App business symbol.

What is the Cash App Business Symbol?

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Business account holders can also make free deposits.

Cash App business accounts allow retailers to accept limitless payments from customers.

CashApp is a personal account. If it is a business account, the cost is 2.75 percent.

Only business accounts get a blue badge. The blue badge is a cash app secure account with business-like features.

Merchants may create payment links in CashApp business accounts and share them with consumers.

Paying without installing Square Payment or opening a new account is possible for non-CashApp users.

Cash App instant deposit is a fee. For commercial and personal accounts, the cost is 1.5 percent or $0.25. Business account holders can also make free deposits.

Businesses do not get a Cash App card. Instead, users must deposit funds into a connected bank account or pay a 3% charge to transfer funds to a credit card.

The software lacks commercial capabilities like online appointment scheduling, re-purchase possibilities, and employee data management.

Although users may email Cash App support, it also lacks live phone assistance.

A business account may be used by anybody who owns a small business. It’s quick, easy, and free.

Nowadays, almost everyone wants to pay electronically. You need an Android or iOS device to get the app.

To use Square Cash for Businesses, you must first register an account and link it to a cell phone or an email address.

Those with a confirmed identification can transfer up to $7500 each week to their Cash App business account 

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How Can I Tell if My Cash App is a Business Account?

You will observe a distinctive badge next to the name of an online business account.

Only business accounts activate the blue badge feature. It is a secure cash app for your business with some additional features.

Cash App Business Account vs Personal Account

Deposit Fee

Cash app business account holders pay no cost to deposit checks.

For personal and commercial accounts, instant deposit via Cash App is charged. Instant deposit fees are $0.25 or 1.5%.

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Retailers may establish their payment link and send it to their customers using Cash App for Business.

Non-Cash App users can also pay via the URL without installing the app or making a new account.

Also, if you have a website, you can link your payment link to it and get money automatically. Cash App Personal users cannot access this feature.


Customers may send unlimited money to Cash App for business accounts.

Remember that Cash App only costs 2.75 percent each transaction when paid via a business account.

Cash App personal account holders don’t have to pay to get money from friends.

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How Do I Change My Cash App From Business to Personal?

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You can convert your Cash App from business to personal.

Follow these steps to convert your Cash App from business to personal:

  • Log in to the Cash App.
  • From the home screen, select the profile option.
  • Choose the Personal tab.
  • Scroll down and select “Change Account Type” to switch from Business to Personal.
  • Use your touch ID or enter your PIN to confirm the change.

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What Does the Blue Symbol Mean in Cash App?

A blue verification badge next to the Cashtag indicates that Cash App has verified the account belongs to a famous person or brand.

Do not assume that a verified badge implies an endorsement by Cash App, nor any endorsement of this person or brand by the company.

What is a $Cashtag?

CashApp users can apply a $Cashtag to create a shareable URL such as https://cash.app/$yourcashtag.

Using this link, friends, family, and others who can access the link can make payments to you securely and privately.