How to Find Sutton Bank Cash App Routing Number

Cash App is a peer-to-peer mobile money platform that allows users to send and receive money.

The app belongs to Square Inc. Cash App has a payment card by the name Cash Card from Sutton Bank.

Even though Lincoln Savings Bank manages cash App accounts, Sutton bank still plays a vital role in cash App operations.

If you want to set up direct deposits to your Cash App via the Cash Card, you will need the Sutton Bank Cash App routing number.  

A routing number helps to identify where you opened your bank account.

You can find the same bank with different routing numbers depending on location.

Big banks like the Bank of America have separate routing numbers for various regions.

Since Cash App is a financial institution like banks and credit unions, the government takes it as a bank.

Therefore, your app has a routing and an account number.

Cash App allows you to perform various kinds of transactions.

Apart from sending and receiving funds, one can invest their money in the Cash App in stock markets to buy and sell bitcoins.

Furthermore, you can pay for goods and services online at stores that accept Cash App payments.

The cash Card alone is enough to help you pay for goods and services at physical stores or online.

How to find Sutton Bank Cash App routing number

sutton bank cash app routing number

To find out the Cash app routing number, you have to first log into your account online using your smartphone or computer.

Smartphones require you to download the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Login in your Cash App on your Android or iPhone device
  • Tap on the $ symbol on the left corner to go to the ‘My Cash’ section.
  • Locate the Cash button with the dollar sign inside a green background.
  • Move down to the ‘Direct Deposit’ and tap ‘Get Routing Number”. You will see the top of the screen with the display ‘Enable your Account”. Confirm that you understand the terms and conditions before confirming your account.
  • Under your account info, select “Copy Account Details.”
  • Next, tap on the “Copy Routing Number” option, and you can then share it with the intended person, who may be your employer or customer for direct deposits.

If you move to a different location, you can change the cash app routing number by confirming your address.

You only have to navigate to the “Personal” tab section and change your address to match the state you have moved to.

You might need to create a new account using different details (phone number and email address) from the previous Cash App account.

You cannot create multiple Cash App accounts using the same phone number or email address.

However, you can have as many Cash App accounts by registering with different numbers/email addresses.

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How can I send and receive funds with Cash App?

Since the main aim of anyone creating a Cash App account should be receiving and sending money, you need to understand how you can go about it before opening your account.

You may also need a bank account to link it to your Cash App as a source to fund your account.

To send money using the Cash App, log into your account online either on your smartphone app or with a browser (preferably Google Chrome) using your computer. Once logged in,

  • Enter the amount you want to send.
  • Select ‘Pay.’
  • Enter the other person’s username in the app ($Cashtag), phone number, or email address.
  • Type why you are sending the money.
  • Tap ‘Pay’’, and the funds will reach the recipient within no time.

There are no criteria to receive funds.

As long as you have a Cash App account and the sender has the relevant details such as phone number, email address, or the $Cashtag, you will receive funds as soon as they send them to you.

You can see the received money by tapping the “My Cash” button. On tapping the “Activity” tab, you will also see the details of all the payments you have received.

Why is the routing number important?

The routing number, together with your account number, helps you to receive direct deposits.

Your employer can pay you via direct deposits instead of writing checks that may take a bit longer during processing.

Furthermore, you can receive government benefits via a direct deposit option.

Generally, direct deposits using the routing number ensures that you get money quickly in your account.

Senders can perform instant transfers with the routing and account number of the recipient.

Furthermore, setting up direct deposit to your Cash App account will qualify you for free ATM withdrawals.

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How do I load money in my Cash App?

There are various ways you can top up your Cash App account. The most common one is using your bank account to add money to your account.

You can as well link a debit or credit card to fund your account when necessary.

Alternatively, you can load your account by requesting your friend or relative to send money to your account.

Also, you can instruct your employer, customer, or any other relevant party to directly deposit the payments in your Cash App when you provide them with your account and routing number.

Paypal also works with Cash App, and you can easily load your Cash App account using your PayPal balance.

What are the advantages of the Cash App?

Once you open your Cash App account, you will enjoy the mobile payment service’s various services and features.

Some of the advantages of opening a Cash App account include the following.

  • Essential services have no fees. You will not pay monthly fees, inactivity fees, fees to send money, or foreign transaction fees. It is such a fantastic app to use.
  • You can get the optional Cash Card debit card that you can use to pay for goods and services and withdraw funds in ATMs.
  • If you set up direct deposits, you get free ATM withdrawals. Accounts without direct deposit will see you part with $2 every time you use an ATM.
  • Cash boosts to top up insufficient funds when buying items.
  • You can invest in the stock market. The app allows you to buy shares and make more money instead of letting the money lie idle in your account. Cash App also accepts Bitcoin.

What are the cons of using the Cash App?

As you know, there is nothing without a fault in his world. Cash App has some shortcomings that you need to know.

The good thing is, you can avoid some of them where possible. They include the following.

i) The funds in Cash App do not have FDIC insurance

Is Cash App bank FDIC insured?

Even though the Cash Card is from Sutton, you find that Sutton never holds any Cash App money, and thus FDIC cannot insure it.

However, people with bank accounts with Sutton have their money insured by FDIC.

You need to note that FDIC insures money in banks up to $250,000. If the bank, in any case, collapses, then your money is not lost.

ii) Transaction limits

Cash App limits the amount you transact with.

For instance, you cannot spend more than $7,000 per transaction per day using the Cash Card.

The maximum you can spend per week is $10,000, while you can spend up to $25,000 per month.

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iii) Transaction charges when you use a credit card

If you fund your Cash App balance using a credit card, you will part with 3% of the transaction amount.

You can avoid the fee by linking your bank account to fund your Cash App transactions.

iv) Cash Card ATM withdrawal limits

You cannot withdraw any amount you want at an ATM.

The maximum amount you can withdraw per transaction is $1,000, $1,000 Cash App withdrawal limit per day, and $1,000 in a week.

How do I cash out funds from Cash App to my bank account?

You can withdraw money into your bank account when the need arises.

The following procedure is essential to cash out funds from Cash App to a bank account.

  • While on the Cash App home screen, tap the tab ‘Balance’ and press cashout. 
  • Choose the amount to withdraw to your bank account
  • Tap ‘Cash out.’
  • Choose the deposit speed and confirm the transaction with your PIN or touch ID.

There are two types of withdrawal speeds at Cash App. We have instant and standard speeds.

Instant withdrawal will see the money reflecting in your account balance within 30 minutes while the standard speed is free and funds reflect in your account within 1-3 business days.

Instant deposits are for linked debit cards and cost a 1.5% fee (with a minimum of $0.25).

How do I change my Cash App PIN?

If you need to change your Cash App PIN due to some reason, it is easy.

Just tap the account icon of a person in your Android or iOS Cash App and Tap “Privacy & Security” on the account menu.

Under the “SECURITY,” select “Change Cash PIN” and scan your face or finger to verify your identity if the need arises.

Next, input the new PIN and confirm it.

You should get a text or email confirming that you have changed your Cash App PIN.

Bottom line

Cash App mobile payment platform allows users to send and receive funds from friends, relatives, and other relevant sources.

The Cash App routing number, together with your account number, allows direct deposits.

You can change your routing number if you move to another state by confirming your email address.

There are various ways of topping up your account using your bank account, payment cards, and receiving money from employers, friends, and relatives.