How to Transfer Money from Skylight Card to a Bank Account

Skylight ONE Card is a Netspend prepaid debit card issued by Regions Bank® or Republic Bank & Trust Company. All the card accounts are under the management of the Bank. The card is very convenient for those who have no bank accounts and are no longer interested in handling traditional paper checks. The card allows you to withdraw funds to a bank account. However, you have to understand how to transfer money from a Skylight ONE Card to a bank account.

Interestingly, anyone with the proper documents is eligible to apply for the  Skylight One card. If you have bad or excellent credit scores, the treat is just the same since it is not a credit card. You can have Skylight ONE Visa® Prepaid Card or even the Skylight ONE Prepaid MasterCard®. Both cards serve the same purpose. Having both Visa and Mastercard is a marketing strategy to ensure that the company gets as many customers as possible.

Skylight ONE Card brings you the Skylight Payroll Program from the Paycard Innovators. The program gives employers an easy time to channel payments to their employees instead of the traditional payment options that involve a lot of paperwork. The employers do not have to directly involve themselves in the program since the company does everything regarding management and support. Employees also find it convenient since they can use the card for various transactions.

How to transfer money from a Skylight ONE Card to a bank account

how to transfer money from skylight card to bank account

Since Skylight ONE Card is a Netspend prepaid card, the process on how to transfer money from the card to a bank account may not be similar to other cards due to some regulations. Netspend cards have no direct way to transfer funds to a bank account. The following are ways you can transfer money from a Skylight ONE Card to a bank account.

i) Use a third-party platform

One effective method is using an online platform to log into your card account and use a third-party platform such as PayPal. You can then link your card with PayPal and then transfer funds to PayPal. Next, you can transfer the funds from PayPal to a bank account. You have to link your bank account to PayPal. For you to add your card to Paypal, you can follow the procedure below.

  • Log into your account
  • Go to Wallet
  • Below ‘Debit and credit cards, click ‘Add a card’
  • Select the card type
  • Enter the necessary details
  • Click Save

When linking your bank account to your PayPal account, you need to follow the following procedure.

  • Navigate to Wallet
  • Click on ‘Add a card or bank account’
  • Click Add a bank account
  • Enter the ‘Sort Code’ and your ‘Account Number’
  • Review the information and select Agree and add

Transfer from PayPal to a bank account can take between 1-5 business days from the time you initiate the transaction. Other third-party platforms you can use are Google Pay, Cash App, and Payoneer.

ii) Withdraw at ATM and deposit to a bank account

Skylight ONE Card allows you to withdraw funds at an ATM. You can visit any ATM that allows Visa and Mastercard and withdraw funds which you can then deposit to your bank account.

It is also possible to move funds to a bank account at the ATM. Once you insert your card, navigate to the transfer funds option and instantly transfer with the routing and account number of the receiving bank account. The method is one of the easiest ways to move money from your Skylight ONE Card to your bank account.

iii) Over the counter

You can transfer funds at a branch that supports Visa and Mastercard. You only need to visit the bank with your original ID document and then withdraw funds over the counter. The teller can then deposit the money into your bank account. For convenience, it is better to visit the bank that holds your account so that you can make a quick deposit to your bank account. 

Why should I use a Skylight ONE Card?

The card comes with plenty of irresistible advantages. First of all, the card makes payment of wages and salaries very easy, and employers do not have to stress themselves on the hectic process of rewarding their employees. Also, it is easy to enroll users in the program since there are few procedures to follow.

Moreover, users can access their online statements and online deposit options. The service provider has elaborate support and training on the way the whole process should run. Again, you can use the card in all ATM points that accept Visa and Mastercard to withdraw money.

Additionally, the card is convenient since you can buy goods and services online and at physical stores that accept the card. It also comes with rewards for using the card to purchase goods at designated outlets. You also get alerts anytime about transactions of your account.

Also, the card is fast and convenient. Your payments are in your account as early as 8 am CT on your payday. It is also an affordable method of receiving your payments since it has fewer fees than checks and money orders.

The best thing about the card is that you can access your account online. Here, you can see your balances, perform some account adjustments, view previous transactions, and so on. Above all, your money has FDIC insurance to protect you from any loss in case of a misfortune.

How does Skylight ONE Card benefit employers?

The card is not only beneficial to employees, but employers also have a reason to smile about the services. Advantages of Skylight ONE Card to employers include;

1) Streamlined payroll process

Employers can do away with checks that usually involve a lot of work. Companies can now focus on writing checks for payment of orders of goods and services.

2) Full program management

Employers will not be responsible for issues concerning implementation, training, support, and marketing. The work is purely for the service provider.

3) Low cost on the program.

It is cheap to make direct deposits to employee’s cards other than writing checks to each one of them. A company can save a lot of money for other uses.

What can I do with Skylight ONE Card?

There are a lot of transactions you can do with the card. These include the following.

a) Payment of goods and services

The card allows you to purchase items from big stores either online or at a physical store. You can get rewards in the process as a way of appreciation by the issuing company.

b) Withdraw money at ATM points or the bank

With Skylight ONE Card, you can withdraw money at an ATM. You can as well withdraw cash over the counter in a bank that supports Visa or Mastercard.

c) Transfer of money to other Skylight ONE Cardholders

When logged in to your account online, you can transfer money to other cardholders by just making a few taps on your phone.

How safe is the card?

Like many other payment cards from various companies, Skylight ONE Card is safe to use. All data is encrypted to ensure that no one can view your details online. The internet is full of criminals who are always looking for ways to steal from others.

Secondly, the card requires you to use a PIN to access your account. The PIN is unique to you, and no one else should know it. If you suspect that someone has known your PIN, then you can change it immediately.

Moreover, the money in your card has FDIC insurance. In case the issuing company collapses, then your money is safe. Furthermore, the card has zero liability in case someone uses it illegally to buy goods and services.

How do I protect my money in Skylight ONE Card?

Since there is the danger of exposing your card information, you should be at the forefront to ensure that your money is safe all the time. The following measures are crucial;

1) Avoid using insecure public WiFi

Do not use public WiFi when operating your account since there are people who are always ready to hack vulnerable accounts and steal money from them. Public WiFi exposes your phone or computer data to others and your banking information is not safe.

2) Never share your PIN with anybody

A PIN is private information that even a close relative should not know. Making a mistake and sharing your PIN may see you losing your money. Someone might decide to withdraw your money from your account and leave you in agony.

3) If you lose your card, report it immediately

You might misplace the card by mistake. If you do so, call customer care immediately. They should lock the card so that if someone collects it, they cannot use it illegally. Fraudsters use card information to make payments of goods and services online.

Bottom line

Skylight ONE Card offers a convenient way of paying salaries and wages to workers. As an employee, you save on writing checks to every individual since the service provider for the card only makes direct deposits to the cardholders. You also save a lot of time for using the service. Cardholders need to protect their card to avoid illegal usage. Skylight ONE Card has FDIC insurance.