Buy 10 Things Online With Checking Account

A checking account is a bank account where you deposit money and then withdraw it by writing checks against the account. These checks are used instead of cash to buy different goods or to pay for services. Most banks these days will let you withdraw money from your checking account using a debit card. You can also convert an ordinary checking account into an eCheck so you can pay for purchases online.

A checking account is, therefore, a convenient type of financial account. You can pay for services, pay for your bills and buy all kinds of products online or offline. And because you can use your account to buy from online shopping sites, you will have access to the following top items to buy this year:

Buy Things Online With Checking Account

Buy Things Online With Checking Account

1. Shop for large, cleaning appliances

With your checking account, you can purchase the most updated and the most in-demand home appliances used for cleaning. You can select from the most updated vacuum cleaners like stick vacuums, electric brooms, handheld vacuums, upright vacuums, canister vacuums, wet/dry vacuums or central vacuums.

At the moment the Shark Ninja Shark Rotator Professional Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum is the most in demand with its easy Lift-Away Hand Vacuum feature and Anti-Allergy Seal. This Shark Ninja upright costs less than $150 online.

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2. Get the latest iPhone

Wouldn’t it be nice to own the latest iPhone? Yes, you can purchase one with your checking account. The iPhone 8 Plus is the latest and the brightest iPhone model with a 5.5-inch LCD widescreen with multi-touch display and retina HD display. This model has a 12 MP wide-angle, telephoto camera with a six-element lens capable of 4K video recording. Take this as a lovely present you can gift yourself.

3. Wear the most updated clothing apparel

It’s not a secret that most stores and clothing brands release their latest trends on a quarterly or seasonal basis. So it would definitely be a smart move to buy at least a set of seasonal outfit per year.

Where to buy the best clothing apparel? Gap has a large clothing selection for men and women, for children, teens and also for pets. There are updated selections on shirts, outerwear, swimwear, office wear and more. 

Gap also rewards its loyal customers with special discounts like 40% off on online purchases. With this kind of deals, you can get more out of your checking account! Other fantastic clothing sites are a standout too like Walmart, The North Face, Macy’s and Uniqlo.

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4. Own the Sleekest TV in town

Another wonderful idea to purchase with your checking account this year is a sleek, stunning television. Imagine having a brand new television on your den tomorrow? Why settle with a small, outdated LCD when you can buy a large 4K television set today?

This is the year of the 4K set. It has the highest resolution for movies, TV, and games. Experts say that 2018 is the 4K boom with a number of amazing 4K sets that are worth the wait. Just one of the highest-rated television sets this year is the LG B7 OLED TV.

The LG B7A OLED TV is known as the best 4K television set coming from a large number of consumers. This TV is OLED so you will get clear, perfect colors all the time. This has zero response times so every moving scene will look perfect without any blur.

The downside to having a 4K television like the LG B7A is that with perfect response time, a low frame rate content video such as 24 p Blu-Ray movies.

This latest 4K OLED television is available online from several top stores like Target, Walmart and another leading electronics store. Be sure that wherever you shop, the site should have PayPal as a method of payment so you can link your checking account number as well.

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5. Buy the most updated laptop

Whether you use a laptop for work, to play videos or to play games, a laptop is definitely something you must not overlook. This year, laptops are not thinner or lighter, but are larger, bulkier and built for gaming.

The Alienware 17 R5 is the latest gaming laptop that you must have. This laptop is built for raw gaming performance with its large 17-inch screen and a tough chassis. The Alienware 17 R5 lets you enjoy gaming with friends or use it to watch movies and videos with its super big screen.

This is even better compared to its predecessors because it has quieter fans and more efficient speakers. It burns Nvidia blood with the Nvidia GTX 1060, 1070 and 1080 graphics. This laptop is the best option for hardcore gamers and serious users with its stunning appearance and great gaming features.

Whether you are new to gaming or you are a serious, hardcore gamer, you must not waste time getting the latest video game titles before the year ends. This year has been really worthwhile with fantastic game titles on almost all gaming platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, Nintendo, and PC). But the best has to be really awesome hardcore games like Red Dead Redemption available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Red Dead Redemption is an open-world Western-themed game set in the American Southwest of 1911. Your goal is nothing more than to survive the badlands of the southwest with nothing more than your horse and your gun. This popular Grand Theft Auto style game has earned good ratings online and you must have it before this year ends.

7. Get ready for Smart home devices

The future is really something to look forward to with interesting smart home appliances and devices. With smart home devices, you can use one remote control to control almost every appliance or device at home that’s connected to the web.

From your home’s entertainment system to your security system and from its interior climate system to your refrigerator, you can keep tabs on everything. This way, everything is safe and efficient too.  You can purchase cool smart home devices online or from a local supplier at any time.

8. Choose from a wide variety of Jewelry pieces

Jewelry is an investment. Buying priceless pieces using your checking account is, therefore, a great idea. You can invest in genuine gold watches, matching jewelry pieces with priceless gemstones or maybe buy your loved one that ring you have been thinking of?

If you want antique jewelry then there are priceless jewelry sellers and auction houses you can check out online to get the best deals.

9. Take home the latest exercise equipment

A new year is coming and what could be better than starting to get fit? And instead of going to the gym, why not buy your own exercise equipment at home? This is definitely an idea that will surely pay off. Because not only will you be able to develop your body with exercise but it will also help you become a better version of you.

Now gym equipment for fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. There is equipment to improve your stamina and resistance like a treadmill while there is strength-building equipment as well. You can spend money on equipment that will help you with your particular fitness plans.

10. Purchase a gift card for someone

Share the love by purchasing a gift card for your loved ones, friends and family. A gift card is the easiest way to give a gift because your recipient can purchase anything he or she wants with it.  And he does not even need to spend it all. He can just spend a portion of the gift card and the balance may be used some other time. This will never expire for most shopping sites. A gift card is available in different denominations and can be in traditional plastic or cardboard form or in electronic form or an e gift card.

Once your recipient receives his gift card from the mail or via email, he may already spend it. This is a truly handy, easy and thoughtful way to show how much that person means to you. Most top stores online and offline have gift cards. Try Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target, Walmart, Amazon, eBay and more.

To sum it all up

There are so many amazing things you can purchase with your checking account. From clothes, shoes, appliances, electronic devices, gadgets, jewelry, gift cards and more, you can find the best trends online. And before you can actually pay with your checking account, you must convert this to usable online currency.   

To use your checking account with PayPal, you need to arrange your checking account as the payment option at PayPal. Provide your checking account number and your nine-digit bank routing number to verify your checking account.

Meanwhile, you can also pay using your checking account with eCheck or EFT. Look for a payment option that says eCheck or EFT and uses this when you check your purchases out. You will be asked to provide your checking account number, bank account number, and routing numbers. Only after considering these options, you will be able to use your checking account as payment online.