What Is Rent to Own Electronics No Credit Check No Down Payment

Rent to own electronics no credit check no down payment can be a great option if you have a poor credit score especially when you can’t afford to pay upfront for a product. The fact that the stores that offer his program provide you with a flexible payment plan will enable you to complete the payment without any financial struggles. The good thing is that there are plenty of stores that operate online to enable you to get the electronics you need right from the comfort of your home.

However, before entering into any rent to own agreement, it is important to understand the company’s terms and conditions to avoid any issues in the future. Make sure all your concerns are well addressed before signing up with rent to own arrangements. Here are some of the benefits of a lease to own programs:

Advantages of Rent to Own Electronics No Credit Check

Rent to Own Electronics No Credit Check No Down Payment
  • Free repairs: the seller will provide you repair services at no cost when the rented property needs repair.
  • No down payment: these companies in this guide don’t require you to make any down payment.
  • Ownership trial: once you get the property, you get temporary ownership of the property enabling you to end the transaction if you aren’t satisfied.
  • Poor Credit: you don’t need to have a good credit report to qualify for this plan. You are allowed to keep the property as long as you make the repayments.
  • Fixed Payments: while the payment plan is flexible, you won’t need to pay any extra cost since the payments are fixed.
  • Price Protection: the contract you enter once you accept the arrangement protects you since the purchase price for the item is stated allowing you to lock-in it.

Top 5 Rent to Own Electronics No Credit Check No Down Payment Retailers

1. Rent Delite

Rent Delite makes accessing electronic products quite easy and affordable. If you are looking forward to owning computers, TVs, and more, then this company offers the perfect solution. With their rent to own electronics no credit check no down payment nearly everyone can qualify for the plan.

Besides, the payment is quite flexible and you don’t need to have a good credit score. Unlike other sellers, Rent Delite don’t charge their customers any interest. This enables you to pay for the product as you enjoy using it to finally owning it at no additional cost.

When you apply at their official website rentdelite, you’ll find out in a matter of seconds if you qualify for the program. Unlike other traditional stores, Rent Delite handles everything online to make the process as simple as possible. This means you don’t need to travel back and forth to a store or complete annoying paperwork.

Your application remains confidential and once you are committed to the arrangements, the repayments will be deducted automatically from your credit or debit card on the respective paydays. You also have the option of returning the product any time after one month or pay for it early to get a discount.

What are the requirements when applying Rent Delite?

  • You must be 18 years and above
  • Be employed with a proven source of income
  • Own a debit or credit card
  • Have an email address

If you meet the requirements then you should proceed to submit your application online. Once you have sent your application, you’ll get the approval response within minutes. If your request is approved, you’ll be asked for your payment and shipping information then you can complete your order.

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2. Flexshopper

Flexshopper is an online service that allows you to rent to own a number of electronic products. Their services make them stand out from other stores that provide rent to own electronics no credit check no down payment plan. Even if you have a poor credit score or no credit history, you still get an easy and flexible way to own your dream electronics. This is because you are allowed to make small payments as you rent to own the product within a year.

The good thing is that you can make use of the Early Purchase option by clearing the pending payments once to owning the product early. You are also allowed to end the lease by issuing a notification, making all the payments pending and returning the product.

What are the requirements when applying to Flexshopper?

In order to qualify for the rent to own electronics no credit check plan, here are some of the requirements that you must meet:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have an active source of income
  • Be a US resident with the exceptions of Minnesota, Wyoming, New Jersey and Wisconsin.
  • Have owned a bank account not less than 90 days before the application
  • No need of a good credit

If you meet all the above requirements than you can proceed to apply at flexshopper.com The application process is quick which means you can expect immediate feedback. If you qualify then you can be awarded up to $2,500 spending limit to enable you to purchase any item you desire. Once your application is approved then you can proceed to make the purchase and signing the agreement and the product will be on its way to your home.

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3. Conn’s Home Plus

Conn’s HomePlus will make a great choice when you need electronics from headphones to TVs to home theatre accessories. Their rent to own electronics no credit check no down payment makes it possible for customers to get what they are looking for even if they have poor credit scores or lack immediate cash.

Their financing program is quite simple and convenient which makes Conn’s stand out among other rent to won electronics programs that can be confusing. Even if you’ve been turned down by other stores, Conn’s promises to give you amazing deals that enables you to shop for the trendy electronic product you desire right away.

The good thing about Conn’s is that they have physical stores that you can visit. This enables you to go and seek more clarification before you commit yourself for the rent to own electronics program online. The approval process is quick which means you get to know their response within minutes and enjoy shopping on that day.

Also, if you wish to end your credit offer then you only need to send a termination request. When shopping at Conn’s HomePlus you get a chance to choose from a wide selection of affordable products. The products are from some of the most popular brands such as Sonny, Samsung, LG, and more.

What are the requirements when applying Conn’s HomePlus?

  • You must have a government issued id or driver’s license
  • Have a social security number
  • Own a credit or debit account
  • Have a source of income

Whenever you shop for your electronic products at Conn’s, you won’t have to wait for long before you start using the product since they have a fast delivery product that enable you to get your item in no time. Just visit their official website online at conns. and submit your application request and wait for a quick response. If you request is approved then you can proceed to enjoy the rent to own electronics no credit check no down payment program.

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4. Aarons

Aarons is a retailer that offers rent to own electronics no credit check no down payment for a wide selection of products. If you are looking for the latest electronic products with limited money to spend then this rent to own program from Aarons is a great option. It will enable you to get the product you need without making large upfront payments but instead affordable monthly payments.

The fact that Aarons doesn’t operate exclusively online enables you to use their brick and mortar stores to make purchases. Their application process is also quick which allows you to get the approval decision instantly and begin shopping if you qualify.

While you have an option of paying cash, the lease to own program enables you to make partial payments to finally assuming ownership once you complete the required payment. You also get a waive if you decide to make an early purchase within the lease ownership plan. What’s interesting is that there are no down payments and the amounts are usually low with an extended payment period up to 24 months.

Aaron’s Lifetime Reinstatement policy enables you to pick up from where you left after returning the product without completing the payments. This ensures that you’ll never lose your investment when faced with financial difficulties.

What are the requirements when applying to Aarons?

  • A verified source of income
  • Verified residence
  • Up to 3 references
  • Own a credit or debit account

Once you submit your application through their physical stores or online at aarons you will get instant feedback. If you qualify then you can enjoy shopping using Aarons’ rent to own electronics no credit check no down payment program. After selecting your product and signing the agreement then you pick a date and time that you feel best for delivery which is made right to your door with free set-up service and no extra charges.

5. ColorTyme

ColorTyme is an exceptional retailer that provide you with rent to own electronics no credit check no down payment program. Their rent to own transactions is quite flexible enabling nearly every customer to benefit. In fact, you’re pre-approved since they have no strict qualification criteria that you must meet.

Besides, ColorTyme provides you with various plans that will suit your budget giving you the freedom to decide how soon you need the product. If you are looking for a completely no-risk option that will allow you to equip your home with the latest electronics without worries then look no further than ColorTyme.

The kind of flexibility you get at ColorTyme is unmatched. Literarily, you get an opportunity to try the product before you buy it. Their “no hassle” return policy will allow you to return the product at any time and stop the payments without extra charges. You are also allowed to come and pick up from where you left making the payment on the product in future which protects your investment against any loss.

When you purchase a product from ColorTyme, you get to enjoy their free repair service that is featured in the agreement. This saves you from worries if the item breaks or fails. Just notify them and they’ll come and pick it, repair it and deliver it back without any extra costs.

What are the requirements when applying to ColorTyme?

  • Personal information and interests
  • Residential information
  • Spouse information
  • Two references
  • Employment information

To enjoy the benefits of shopping with ColorTyme, proceed to apply online through their official website Colortyme and wait for instant feedback. Upon receiving the approval decision, you can begin shopping with your shopping limit to signing up the agreement.

Through their quick delivery process, you can get the product on the same day you ordered. Their professional delivery personnel will also set up and demonstrate to you how to use the product with no additional cost.


It’s no doubt that buying electronics with no cash can be difficult. The situation could be even worse if you lack a good credit history or have a poor credit score. However, this process doesn’t have to give you a headache. With several retailers available today offering rent to own electronics no credit check no down payment programs, you can easily get your dream product.

This makes it a reliable way to buy an audio system or TV when you lack enough cash. Besides, the payment plan is usually flexible enabling you to complete the payment over an extended period so that you don’t feel any pain.

However, it’s easy to get confused with several retailers in the market offering rent to own services. This guide provides you with some of the best sellers available today that will enable you to get the best deals. They are faster, easier and reliable. What’s more?

Take advantage of the rent to own program by these sellers to enjoy a wide range of electronic products from trusted manufacturers today without worries. You can also check our “A Complete Guide Rent to Own Macbook No Credit Check” for some of the best computer deals.