The 10 Best Lease Cell Phone No Credit Check Provider

Today, a cell phone is significant in every aspect of our lives. Imagine living in a world with no internet and smartphones – there is no chatting, calling, Facebooking and even learning. It sounds old-school and absurd. If you have a bad credit history, then you may find getting approval for a cell phone contract quite challenging. Most companies check your credit score before making any approval to ascertain if you can make regular payments on a monthly basis. However, there are lease cell phone no credit check providers that will accept your contract even with a poor credit score.

Furthermore, there is no money upfront or regular monthly payments needed. You only need a contract plan from the provider, and the cell phone is yours! A deal from these companies usually includes all your data usage, text, talk and additional “line access fee” for every cell phone you connect on the plan. The fee is frequently inflated for clients who purchase phones on a two-year payment period.

Although you’re excepted from incurring separate monthly charges, the cost is added to your cell phone plan. Ultimately, you’re going to pay a similar amount or slightly higher just like purchasing the cell phone making 24 monthly payments. In most cases, leasing is a typical $0 upfront, but you’ll be required to hand back the cell phone after ending the lease period unless you are ready to pay extra.

The Ten Best Lease Cell Phone No Credit Check Provider

Lease Cell Phone No Credit Check Provider

What Is Lease Cell Phone No Credit Check?

It’s a cell phone plan where providers need a contract before offering a device for a $0 upfront, meaning that you’ll have monthly bills to settle in the long run. Also, they don’t conduct a credit check on their potential customer, but usually need a sign up for a service plan which is generally two or more years, and the cell phone is yours.

Most cell phone providers offer these services, helping you pay less for the device on a long-term basis. Besides, they allow you to make an upgrade for every cell phone after every 12 or 18 months. It is an excellent option for people who want the latest cell phones that come with free packages that include; 500 text messages, 500 MB data, and 200 voice and don’t own these phones ultimately.

Obtaining a cell phone on contract doesn’t mean that it’s free of charge. There will be an extra cost of the phone in your monthly plan charge, but it’s not included on your monthly bill. You’re going to pay more fees for the line access, with the cost of your cell phone covered in the amount. The device and charger are wrapped into a contract that takes up to 24 months in commitment with the provider.

These cell phone payments usually are interest-free, and clients with a good credit score are lucky because they’ll pay $0 during the sign-up process of these plans. Getting a cell phone through a lease will eventually save you lots of money, unlike paying the amount in monthly installments or upfront.

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How to Get Lease Cell Phone No Credit Check?

Begin by choosing your favorite provider. The good thing is that there are lots of providers offering different payment, data, voice, messages and text options for their customers. The process of acquiring a contract is quite simple. First, sign up with your cell phone provider by visiting their website.

You’ll be required to make a constant monthly payment for the cell phone depending on the period agreed upon with your provider, but you won’t pay off your tablet or phone to own the device. Instead, you acquire the cell phone from the provider through a lease contract.

Interestingly, the carrier will still own the device you’re using after the end of your leasing period. But, if you wish to retain the gadget, then you’ll need to pay an extra amount to make the purchase. Alternatively, you can then return the cell phone and get an upgrade of a new device or choose another service provider.

For instance, you won’t keep the gadget used during that period if you choose to make a fixed payment within eighteen months. But you can keep it if you’ve completed paying the balance. It can be paid off either by offering a lump sum amount or requesting for additional six-month payments. Most customers prefer leasing and installment payment options.

Normally, the fees are displayed as the full retail price (FRP) of the device. It is then divided by an equal amount for over the months agreed upon in the contract (18-24). If the phone is worth $ 480, the provider will divide the payments into 24 months, meaning you’ll be paying $20/ month.

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The following are the top 10 best lease cell phone no credit check providers that can always come to your rescue, especially with bad credit. Please take a look!

1. Sprint

Sprint is a lease cell phone provider that offers some of the best services to its customers regarding data, talk, and messages. One Sprint extensive plus line goes for $ 60, two at $ 100, three lines cost $120 while the fourth and fifth lines are free. Besides, each line comes with unlimited data for smooth streaming which makes it ideal for the family.

The provider also allows you to upgrade after every (12-18 months) and you can choose to turn back the device or purchase it after the end of the lease period. It’s the best option for customers who want the latest gadgets, but are not ready to own them. If you opt to cancel the lease before the agreed time, the provider will need a payment of the balance of the lease payments and the purchase option quoted price. Ultimately, you’re free to seek services elsewhere and retain your device.

2. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is another provider that offers no contract and credit check options to its customers. The company is ranked among the best carries in the provision of services to customers with low credit scores. You will be required to pay $3.99 upfront to get an approval for a plan that you’ll be paying $60/month for the specified number of months. The plan includes 500MB data, 500 messages and 100 minutes of talk-time. Although you are provided with one line, you get unlimited international text messages for up to two hundred countries all over the world.

Also inclusive are unlimited hotspot at 3G speeds and unlimited 2G data in Canada & Mexico. The provider allows customers to pay off their cell phones within 24 months with an installment plan. In special cases, you may be asked for upfront. Whenever you choose to cancel the service, then the balance of the device becomes due. They also provide a program known as JUMP that enables customers to make an upgrade to their smartphones.

3. TextNow Wireless 2GB LTE

This service provider delivers some of the best services that suit most smartphone users. They give unlimited calls, text messages and huge amounts of 4G LTE data depending on your preferred plan. If you reach your 4G LTE limit, then you are entitled to 2G speeds for your browsing and streaming. It features no credit checks, contracts, and extra fees.

In addition, you can log in to your computer or web to make calls or texts through your TextNow number. Alternatively, you can access all services through the TextNow app on other smartphones. With this provider, you can either purchase a cell phone or use your device. Most customers find this unique feature flexible. It runs on Sprint network and GSM, the most extensive network in the country. The TextNow Wireless 2GB LTE plan.

4. Tello

Tello is a no-contract provider that avails a plan that enables you to choose the 4G LTE data and minutes you want to use. All plans come with unlimited texts, allowing you to make changes any time without incurring additional costs. If you have some unused balances, then they’ll be rolled automatically to your next billing period.

Although the lease cell phone no credit check provider offers unlimited use of data, it slows to 64 kbps after attaining your 4G LTE data limit. There is an automatic renewal of the plan after every thirty days. Tello plans have no fees of cancellation, averages or activations and you don’t have to worry about incurring additional charges.

Additionally, if you want to make some international calls and texts, then you can buy the “Pay as You Go” credits promptly at your convenient time. Your smartphone can be used as a mobile hotspot at no additional charges.

5. Xfinity Mobile by the Gig

Xfinity is available to current Xfinity internet subscribers. It offers unlimited text and talks with the possibility of paying up to $12 per GB for your use every month. It runs on CDMA 4G LTE network, one of the largest network providers in the US. Videos are streamed at 480p while Hotspot speed is 600 Kbps.

Besides, it gives you easy access of up to 16 million Wi-Fi networks in the country. The networks allow international global roaming with reasonable rates for data, text, and talk. Other features include; caller ID, call forwarding, conference calling and visual voice calls. Xfinity offers some of the best smartphone brands in the market including the iconic iPhone, Samsung, and LG.

6. Spectrum mobile

Spectrum mobile is a service provider available to all postpaid customers of the Spectrum internet plan. It delivers unlimited text & talk, and you only pay $14/GB for every data used per month. It runs on a 4G LTE network from CDMA with its plan including a mobile hotspot, Wi-Fi calling, calls waiting, conference calling and visual voice calls.

The provider’s best plan costs $14 per month, but extra fees such as termination charges and activation fee will be applied. There are no available contracts, and the plan currently supports five phones; LG K30, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8+, Samsung Galaxy S9, and Samsung Galaxy S10.

7. US Mobile

US mobile is a lease cell phone no credit check provider that gives some of the best plans with the right amount of text, data and talk that you need every month. It offers prepaid cell phone services to allow you to make payments for the billing period before the beginning of the month.

With this service carrier, you have the flexibility of purchasing a phone from them or using your unlocked GSM smartphone. Besides, you are allowed to upgrade your plans every month whenever you need adjustments. Since everyone has varied usage needs, customers can use up to ten lines in a single account. Other features include; number porting, no contract and overage fees.

US mobile runs Verizon and T-mobile networks with its best plan costing $7 per month. Some of the smartphone brands available from the provider include; iPhone, Alcatel, HTC, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony Xperia.


Are you looking for a carrier that allows you to create a customized cell phone plan? Well, look no further than TWIGBY. With this provider, you get to choose the amounts of 4G data and minutes you need comfortably and modify your plans when you need to change. Also, all Twigby plans come inclusive with text messages and minutes. Besides, you don’t need any contract plans or activation fees plus the plans come with a thirty-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

It provides cell phone coverages on 3G and 4G Sprint network that serves up to 270 million people. Its Verizon network is supportive when the other systems are unfunctional. Customers also get a $10 reward for every referral to the network. The best plan from TWIGBY costs $9 with thirty phones for you to choose from comfortably.

9. Republic Wireless

Republic wireless uses free Wi-Fi to provide affordable phone plans to all customers. In 2016, the provider unveiled several phones including Samsung Galaxy Edge that made it outdo other carriers. Its plan ‘My choice’ is currently available at $20 offering unlimited text, talk, and Wi-Fi data.

Base plans cost $ 15 per month with a suitable data plan for users with low usage. Besides, it offers no contracts accompanied by cheap monthly bills. However, there are just a few phones available. It runs on a Sprint network, and high speeds are guaranteed.

10. Pure TalkUSA

Pure TalkUSA is a cell phone provider that delivers a 4G LTE that covers up to 99% of the US population. What’s interesting is that there are no additional fees, roaming fees, and contracts. You can also add more lines and save lots of money per month. It uses the GSM network with international features inclusive at an extra cost.

You can choose to purchase their phones or use your device which is flexible for many users. Additional features are; call waiting, 3-way calling, call blocking and caller ID. Base plans start at $20 per month with the availability of nine different phones. Every plan comes with 500MB 4G LTE data which is slowed when you hit the limit.


All these lease cell phone no credit check providers are fantastic and offer the best plans for you. Most importantly, they provide no credit check solutions and options for their potential customers. It’s significant to take advantage of these features to get the finest regarding texts, data and voice calls.

There is no doubt that you’ll save lots of money when you choose an affordable carrier. If you’re still paying over $100 per month for your cell phone plans, then consider seeking the services of another provider. Just imagine what you can purchase with an additional $60 every month!