The 9 Best Instant Approval Virtual Credit Card

Many people are used to regular plastic credit cards, which you can use to buy goods and services at physical shops and service centers that accept them. However, there are virtual cards which you can use to purchase products and services. You can get an instant approval virtual credit card from most companies such as ezzocard. Such cards are easy to apply from the concerned company’s website.

Most virtual credit cards work anywhere in the world, and more so the Visa and MasterCard credit cards. It means that you can apply for the cards anywhere in the world so long as your country supports the service providers for the cards. An interesting thing about these cards is that you use them online anonymously. No one can ever notice that you have a credit card.

Buying virtual credit cards is easy when you know how to use the internet. You can buy a credit card using an online checking account such as PayPal, Payoneer, or Skrill, whichever is convenient for you. For instance, when purchasing a virtual credit card with PayPal, you must have a PayPal account. The same applies when you want to buy a virtual visa gift card with PayPal.

How do Virtual Credit Cards Work?

Instant Approval Virtual Credit Card

The operation of virtual credit cards is a bit different from regular credit cards. It is because you can only use them online and not at physical shops or ATMs.

Once you open an account with your bank, you can have an online credit account that links directly with your bank. Anytime you want to purchase something online, you can provide the card number before entering your PIN to authorize any transaction. The card number is the 16 digit number that your bank generates randomly upon applying.

Using the virtual card, you can even buy reloadable gift cards with no fees. To be precise, you can do almost everything that a regular credit card does upon acquiring a virtual card.

Are Virtual Credit Cards Secure to Use?

Virtual credit cards are very secure as compared to the regular tangible cards. With a Virtual credit card, you minimize fraud cases that occur due to data breach. Moreover, having a virtual credit card is better because there is no way you can lose it.

Again, using an online Credit card separates your credit card details from that of merchants, thus increasing security for your data. Beware that some merchants can be fraudsters who can manipulate your data while paying at physical points.

The fact that you can manage your account online ensures that you monitor everything that happens on your account. You can report easily to the authorities In case of anything with your card.

Although Virtual credit cards are more secure than regular cards, they are not 100% secure. If spy apps get access to your phone or computer, some fraudsters may hack your account. You should always ensure that you get fraud protection insurance.

How can I get A Virtual Credit Card?

For you to get a virtual credit card, you should talk to your bank about the need to have it. Not all banks offer the card. So in case, your current bank does not provide a virtual credit card, you can decide to open an account with another bank with the service. The bank will generate the 16 random card numbers for you so long as you qualify for a credit line.

Alternatively, you can use third-party agents such as PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Square, among others. The third-party agents work on behalf of the banks. You will then get an online virtual credit card account with a specific limit. With the account, you will be able to buy goods and services efficiently. Just as you can use online checking accounts to purchase products and services, you can also buy e-gift cards online instantly with checking accounts.

How is Virtual Credit Cards Different from the Regular Credit Cards?

There are few differences between a virtual credit card and a regular credit card.

First, a virtual credit card is invisible. That is why it has the name virtual since it exists, but you cannot touch it by hand. On the other hand, a regular credit card is visible by the eyes. You can as well touch it by hand and feel it.

Again, Virtual credit card details, which include card number, name, bank, address, and so on, are only visible to you when you log in. For the regular card number, anyone can see details such as full names, card numbers, account numbers, and bank when the card is exposed either on top of a table or when it drops unaware.

In addition to the above, you can only use a Virtual credit card online by using the internet to log in to your account. For the regular cards, you can use them to pay goods and services at physical shops or even withdraw money at ATM points.

Are Virtual Credit Cards Suitable for Businesses?

The answer to this query is yes. Virtual credit cards are very suitable for businesses since owners can purchase goods and pay right from their desktops. Moreover, it is easy to manage expenditures using an online credit card.

With businesses, the security of your account is paramount. Regular cards pose significant threats to businesses as fraudsters can manipulate data and make you lose your money. Some people are always looking to harvest where they never showed.

Paying for goods and services online enables you to track your expenses carefully. Moreover, you can benefit from offers such as cash backs and discounts on items depending on the store.

However, a business virtual card is better if managed by a single trustee. If numerous employees can access the card for payments of different items such as air tickets, hotel rooms, and conference facilities, among others, then there is a possibility of fraudulent expenditure. If there is a need to have several people using a Virtual credit card for the company, then the company can opt for disposable card numbers so that upon exhausting the money, then the card expires.

Another way to ensure that you secure your business finances is ensuring that every key person responsible for purchases for specific departments has his or her card. In this way, the accounts manager will monitor each person’s expenditure.

What are the 9 Best Instant Approval Virtual Credit Cards?

My research led me to the following virtual credit cards. Let’s see them one by one.

1) NetSpend

NetSpend is one of the most popular virtual credit cards available in the market. It does not require any credit records from your past financial activities. Moreover, there is no activation fee to get your card. You can use the card to do online shopping, or send money to your loved ones online.

Another benefit of having this card is that you will not need to have a minimum balance. Have what you can afford as your balance. However, you will need to provide all the necessary details, such as your full name and the government’s identity card. To apply for the card, click here.

2) American Express Go

 The card is essential for personal use as well as for big businesses. American Express Go is suitable for companies who wish to purchase goods and services. You can procure goods and pay in the comfort of your seat.

Operating American Express Go Virtual credit card is easy since there is an app you can just download from the relevant websites and manage your card easily. Also, it is easy to keep an eye on how other staff members are spending the money.

American Express has been operating for long. It has a reputation for quality services as well as security. So when applying, you should be sure that your money will be safe. Learn more here.

3) Payoneer

Payoneer is growing very fast due to their quality services they offer online. Payoneer Virtual Credit Card does not associate with your bank account. You just load money in it to make it operational. It is a prepaid virtual credit card.

Using a Payoneer virtual credit card is economical due to the low fees the company charges. Moreover, the company is available in mass payout companies. To get the card, you just apply online. If you operate a business, then having a Payoneer VCC can be of great help, not forgetting the tight security for online transactions. Click here to see more.

4) Neteller

Neteller is an excellent option, among many other virtual credit cards available in the market. Although it does not operate in the United States of America of late, it is still acceptable in many parts of the world. With Neteller VCC, you can make payments securely. You can also deposit money safely without exposing your crucial information to fraudsters.

If you want to make fast payments all the time, I can tell you without any doubt that the Neteller virtual credit card will help you in a big way. Send money to your loved ones using the card, and be sure to incur fewer charges. Are you interested in Neteller? Click here.

5) Walmart MoneyCard

Walmart MoneyCard is a virtual prepaid card that is very crucial as far as making online shopping is concerned. The card comes with a lot of benefits that include cash backs from various stores. You can receive 3% cash back on Walmart when you make online purchases, 2% at Murphy USA, and 1% at Walmart stores across the nation.

However, the cash back does not go back to your card immediately but at the end of the year. You can get as much as $75 per year as long as you do consistent shopping using the card. See more here.

6) Freecharge Go Mastercard

It is effortless to manage this card using a mobile app developed by the company. Just using your smartphone, you can do wonders using Freecharge Go Mastercard. Any store that accepts MasterCard can accept this card without any problem. However, it should support online payments.

To ensure that you do safer shopping with the card, you can secure it with MPIN. For your information, the card is PCI-DSS compliant with 128-bit encryption, so that you get maximum security when sending money or when doing your shopping.  Are you interested in learning more about the Freecharge Go Mastercard? Then click here.

7) Kotak Netc@rd

All places that accept Visa can work with this card. Again, it has more security features in that; it allows for one-time usage after that it expires. That makes it very secure and saves you from potential fraud. It is beneficial for a business to ensure that the relevant staff can utilize money well.

Kotak Netc@rd came as a result of many cases witnessed as a result of fraud where details of individuals fell on the wrong hands and eventually led to the loss of money by the affected persons. Hackers are very professional, and once they get details about you, it can take them seconds to withdraw all your money. Apply here.

8) DhaniPay

The card is easy to use since it has an app that you can use to conduct all the transactions. The app is available for download in Google play store and app store. Anytime you want to make a transaction, you just log in and buy anything. You can easily view your balance on the app and recharge where necessary.

The virtual card is an exception from the other cards in that it gives you access to various airport lounges in about 18 cities of the world. However, you have to pay a small fee to access hotel services. See more about DhaniPay here.

9) Green Card – virtual prepaid Visa

The card is a Visa brand that allows usage in places labeled ‘Visa Card Accepted.’ It prefers American dollars (USD) to help you make financial transactions. After all, many online shopping stores and service providers prefer using dollars since the currency is standard.

However, you can pay using any other currencies. The card is usually valid for six months. No monthly fee applies. Moreover, you can use any billing address in any nation of the world so long as Visa is supported there. Again, you can do other things, such as changing personal details if the need arises. See more here.

Bottom Line

Virtual credit cards are useful because they have advanced security features. It is challenging to experience account tampering by hackers if you use a virtual credit card. Moreover, it is difficult to lose the card since it is not tangible. Virtual Credit Cards with cash back are the best. For more improved security to your account, you can have a disposable Virtual card.