The 5 Best Ways to Buy Instant Virtual Visa Gift Card with PayPal: Buy Visa E Gift card with PayPal

Are you looking for the best way to buy a virtual visa gift? If yes, then you will be glad to find out that with PayPal digital gifts, buying and sending gift cards to your family or friends is now quite easier. Besides, you don’t just get an opportunity to buy or send gift cards, you get to choose from some of the top brands such as Best Buy, iTunes and much more.

PayPal eGift cards are one of the fastest and easy ways of sending digital gift cards which can be redeemed in-store or online. The good thing is that the person receiving the gift doesn’t need to own a PayPal account. While the process is quite simple, it can be hard especially if it’s your first time.

To help you buy a gift card with less hassle, we have come up with a comprehensive guide on the best ways to buy a virtual visa gift card with PayPal. With everything you need to know out of your way, you should be able to make a purchase much easier after reading this guide.

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Table of Contents

Ways to Buy Virtual Visa Gift Card with PayPal

How to Buy Virtual Visa Gift Cards with PayPal

Paypal sells gift cards through three platforms: Facebook Marketplace US account, eBay Us Store & PayPal US Site.

However, you’ll need to own a PayPal account to buy from their eBay US account or PayPal US site but you don’t need an account to buy on Facebook Marketplace.

Besides, buying more than one gift card in a single transaction is possible. However, this can be done only through their eBay US and PayPal US site. If you want to purchase through Facebook Market place then you can be allowed to buy one gift at a time.

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Steps to Buy Virtual Visa Gift Cards with PayPal:

  1. Go to their store where you can access the wide range of gift cards offered
  2. Pick the gift that you want to buy
  3. Enter your name, the recipient’s address if you are sending someone the gift
  4. Log in to PayPal to finish the transaction

Benefits of Buying virtual visa gift cards with PayPal

1. It’s easy

Buying and sending virtual Vanilla visa gift cards through PayPal is quite simple. You don’t need any prior knowledge to get started and the transaction will be completed before you realize it. Besides, you get to send your friends and family members gifts from a wide selection of international brands.

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2. It’s Secure

PayPal offers you one of the most secure ways to transact online. This means that you don’t have to worry about your payment information and other important data landing on the wrong hands.

3. Instant Delivery

Buy a virtual visa gift card with PayPal for you or for a friend and it will arrive in a matter of seconds. You can contact the support and make inquiries in case you experience any unexpected delays.

4. Large Selection

PayPal has some of the biggest retailers where you can shop from such as Starbuck, Amazon, and GameStop among others. This means you’ll hardly miss the gift of your choice.

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Sites Where You Can Buy Virtual Visa Gift Card with PayPal

  1. Gift Card Mall
  2. Gift Cards
  3. eGifter
  4. Gyft
  5. One4all Gift Cards

1. Gift Card Mall

Gift Card mall is among the largest gift card sites online that allow you to buy a virtual visa gift card with PayPal. You will find both physical and virtual bias gift cards alongside gift cards from over 800 stores including Starbucks, Target, Home Depot, eBay and Amazon.

Gift Card Mall offers you a chance to shop for various types of gift cards including for wedding, birthdays, Christmas and more. Apart from their collection of designs, you get a chance to upload your own design to get a unique gift.

2. Gift Cards

Gift Cards is a place where you can find a huge collection of gift cards from more than a hundred retailers to suit various occasions. They offer plastic and virtual gift cards from top brands such as Uber, Amazon, Google Play, Mastercard, Visa and more. Since it was started, as managed to sell over 8 million personalized and gift cards with custom greetings.

Visa gift cards are amongst their popular cards are customizable with a message or photo that you pick. You can also get eGift cards for Visa, Best Buy, Amazon and more if you want fast delivery. When you make a purchase, you get to earn G-money reward points that you can redeem in the future for card purchases.

3. eGifter

While eGifter might not be as popular as other sites in this list, it’s great and worth consideration. You get to access gift cards from hundreds of retailers, what’s unique about them is that they offer group gifts too. You can head here to buy a Virtual visa gift card with PayPal if you are looking for one.

4. Gyft

Gyft is among the top gift card platforms that allows you to buy virtual visa gift cards with PayPal. You get to buy, send and redeem gift cards on your device and keep track of gift card balances easily. Gyft offers you a chance to purchase from hundreds of retailers including iTunes, Amazon, Visa and more.

5. One4all Gift Cards

If you are planning to give an amazing gift card to your partner then One4all Gift Cards offers you a chance to accomplish the plans. They can create a gift card that you can spend on anything and nearly anywhere. With a collection of hundreds of stores to choose from, One4all is the ultimate choice to buy a virtual visa gift card with PayPal.


If you are looking for a palace to buy a virtual visa gift card with PayPal then any of these top sites will make a great selection. Besides, you also get to purchase gift cards from hundreds of retailers on these sites since they offer a huge collection of items from top brands.

The good thing about purchasing with PayPal is that it is secure and reliable. All your payment information is well protected to avoid being misused. While there are many gift cards sites available online, these are the best choices for amazing gift cards to suit the occasion.