The 5 Best No Money Down Cell Phone Plans

Are you looking for a cell phone plan? Now you can get lots of offers with no money down cell phone plans. The price of cell-phone plans usually varies depending on the number of lines you require and the amount of data you’re purchasing. You can choose from costly unlimited data plans to pocket-friendly data plans. Although the options are numerous, they could be confusing.

There are several ways for data regulation, hot spot use, international service, speed and free content obtained from streaming services. Choosing the best cell phone plan is not all about the minutes or data that you utilize every month, but it narrows to the best coverage. This is why it is important to know the cell phone plans that work perfectly for you, family and budget.

The following is a list of the top 5 no money cell phone plans

No Money Down Cell Phone Plans

1. Sprint

Sprint is considered the cheapest carrier for many years for offering no money down cell phone plans. It provides two tiers of unlimited service just like other carriers in the industry. You will pay more if you want HD video and music streaming. It’s cheapest plan option, unlimited basic starts at $65 for a single line and $110 for two.

These rates are similar to the company’s previous unlimited freedom plan. However, video streaming is restricted to DVD quality, music streaming is covered at a speed of 500 kilobits/ second while gaming streaming speeds have been reduced from 8 Mbps to 2Mbps.

The cell plan features unrestricted access to Hulu. It provides unlimited talk in Mexico and Canada alongside 5GB/month of the best data speeds in these two countries. For heavy data users, Sprint has the right of reducing your rates when the demand for data is high. It applies to clients who use up to 50 gigabytes per month.

If you love to travel abroad in nearly 180 countries, the company offers unlimited data plans and 2GB data speeds if your calls cost 20 cents/ second. Apart from international travel, every client in the US is receiving a 10GB of LTE mobile hotspot data and grand plans like Galaxy Forever and iPhone forever. To know more about from Sprint mobile.

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2. T-Mobile

The company’s family plan is the best with great features that make it outstanding from its competition, thanks to its popular $160 plan inclusive of fees and taxes. Also, it offers unlimited talk, data, and text for the whole family. Other remarkable features are free Netflix and 480p DVD HD streaming.

T-Mobile’s plan starts at $65 for a single line which is $10 less, unlike the carrier’s standard one unlimited plan. You can decide to add a second line which will cost you $ 35. Unlimited calling is also available in Canada and Mexico with 5 GB free data. In-flight texting which works perfectly on Gogo-enabled flights.

It is attracting more customers daily because there is unlimited text and data access while traveling overseas with the alternative of upgrading to one plus to receive faster data speeds with free in-flight Wi-Fi.

These great features and offers make T-Mobile family plan the best option for most customers. Additionally, the company recently introduced an upgrade of new iPhones after product installments. It allows customers to buy new smartphones with every annual release.

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3. Verizon Wireless

Are you looking for a company that offers the best nationwide coverage? Verizon is a natural choice. Plans start at $160 for four lines, $240 for the higher tier and 75% for a single line. Its unlimited plan offers 720p streaming video on smartphones and 1080p on all tablets with 15GB mobile hotspot every month.

Considering that it was the first company to provide nationwide LTE, Verizon’s entry and network creation has cemented a robust 4G LTE experience that has won speed and coverage awards for an extended period.

Also, the company recently upgraded its offers by introducing a third package of pricing for all un-restricted data plans. The company guarantees HD DVD streaming and limits your mobile hotspot usage to 600 kb/ second. It has the right to cut your speeds if your network is too busy.

If you are a customer of Verizon, you get treated to a splendid offer with their unlimited plan that allows the use of 75GB of data monthly before regulation. Also, you will be offered an additional 5GB for your mobile usage totaling to 20GB with 500GB storage available in Verizon’s cloud.

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4. MetroPCS

For the best-prepaid services, MetroPCS is the ultimate choice. It is a budget-friendly company that offers no money down cell phone plans to clients. Their plans start at $30 for one line or $120 for four lines. It is the best cell phone plan for a family of 4 to 5 people.

The company has an LTE network that works well across the nation providing fast download speed. A suitable plan that fits most prepaid customers is the $40 5GB plan that comes with 8 hrs of non-stop video streaming and 300 hrs of browsing through social media before the throttle of 5GB.

However, customers may choose to add an extra $10 and get unlimited LTE browsing data or $10 for unlimited 4GB LTE data plan with mobile hotspot access.

Since MetroPCS is a prepaid carrier, it provides several phones for customers which include Samsung and Apple, but with a complete price purchase. You also have an option of moving your SIM-compatible smartphone to the network.

With an average monthly cost of $ 40, MetroPCS is ideal for average users who regulate their data usage. Its popular cell phone plan is the MetroPCS – 5GB. Their customers share T-Mobile’s nationwide network.

5. Project Fi

This cell phone is designed by Google, the largest company in the whole world. Settling on cell phone plans from Project Fi is the best decision you can ever make. They offer you texts and calls for $20 on a monthly basis and 10GB data for use. Besides, you can add more people to the network for only $15 each.

What makes this plan unlimited? Unlike other companies, you will pay $10 for the data used up to 6GB, and beyond that point it becomes infinite. However, it does not accommodate influential data users and those people who are not ready to pay the 6GB in full, mainly if they will not use the plans.

The company gives the same performance in the US and overseas with high-speed data at a flat rate of $10 per gigabyte even if you want to roam internationally. You will use all the services in more than 170 countries comprising of the same costs, just like home.


Looking for a cell phone plan for your home or office? These plans are some of the best in terms of network coverage, high speeds, and reliability and high volumes of data provided every month. However, always ensure that you pick a cell phone plan that works perfectly for you before making a committing yourself. Additionally, if you are on a tight budget, no money down cell phone plans is the best option for you. This is because they enable you cut expenses.