Here’s How to Transfer PS4 Wallet Money To Another Account

Sony Entertainment Network Accounts have a single wallet that’s available for each master account and you can use your money available in the wallet to buy content from the PlayStation Store.

You can also connect your main account to a sub-account, and the owner of the sub-account can use the funds available in the wallet to buy content and games for the PlayStation console.

In today’s article, we’ll show you how to transfer PS4 wallet money to another account. You’ll also discover other tricks such as sending money to your friends on PS4!

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How to Transfer PS4 Wallet Money to Another Account

If you’re a parent and you’ve never funded your child’s account, we’ve got your back! We’ll go over all the necessary steps that you need to follow to fund their account so they can purchase new games.

Keep in mind that only you (the owner of the master account) can fund the wallet. Your child (the owner of the sub-account) can only spend the money in the wallet.

Therefore, the sub-account doesn’t have the right to apply funds to it. Normally, there’s no way to move PS4 wallet funds to another account.

You can transfer funds to a sub-account on your PlayStation

If they’re joint accounts, you can purchase a game in one and use it in the other account.

Follow these steps for how to transfer PS4 wallet money to another account.

Step 1: Log Into Your Master Account

Click Account Management, then select Transaction Management. You’ll notice the Add Funds tab. Press this tab and add funds by following the on-screen instructions.

Then, visit the Parental Controls and add a limit for your sub-account. Learn more about setting spending limits on sub-accounts so you can execute this process without any problems.

As you can probably gather, you can’t just make a new independent wallet for children to use, as Sony doesn’t support this option. Therefore, your sub-account can only spend money from your master account.

Sony says that sub-accounts (child accounts) don’t feature a wallet. However, they can purchase services and content within their preset spending limit by using their parents’ manager’s wallet.

Maybe Sony will provide a new feature for making independent wallets for kids in the future. However, until they do, this is how to transfer PS4 wallet money to another account.

Step 2: Set Spending Limits On The Sub-Account

You don’t want your child going too crazy with your funds and buy the whole store. It’s a good idea for parents to set spending limits.

Setting up a monthly limit for your child is important if you don’t want to have any unpleasant surprises every month. It’s also a good way to teach kids responsible spending.

Otherwise, your kids will purchase games on top of games and quickly drain your card.

Step 3: Use Alternative Funding Methods

If you want, you can purchase gift cards. Then, log in to your child’s account and insert credits from the code. You can also buy a PlayStation card. Then, just enter the code on the back to insert the funds.

Some people prefer these alternative methods because having a common wallet makes it difficult to see what each user does with the money.

Watch this video to learn how to add funds to a sub-account:

How Do You Send Someone Money On PS4?

Video games aren’t just a solo activity. They’re also great for making friends or improving interactions between online players.

Keep in mind that the internet isn’t full of people who will be nothing but kind to your child. Always check who’s interacting with your child online.

That said, if you or your child is a hardcore gamer and wants to gift favorite games to friends, you can contribute to their funds. PlayStation 4 doesn’t enable gifting digital copies of games directly.

However, you can purchase a PlayStation Store Cash Card for your friend to use as a gift card and get the game on their own. Follow the guide below for further details.

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Step 1: Buy The Card in the Amount of Your Choice

PlayStation gift cards make great gifts for gamers

You can easily find these cards at different retail places like Target, Gamestop, Walmart, or Best Buy.

Alternatively, you can visit PlayStation’s official website and make your purchase online.

Step 2: Give Your Friend the Gift Card or Code

It’s totally up to you if you give the gift card to your friend physically or just send them the card’s digital code. Whatever option you choose, your friend should follow the next step.

Step 3: Redeem the Card in The Store

Your friend should open their PlayStation store and select Redeem Codes. Then, scratch the code with a coin and enter it.

When that’s done, a page should appear asking if you want to add the funds to your wallet. Press Yes and the game can then be purchased.

Watch this video to learn how to redeem PlayStation gift cards:

Game On!

You can easily fund your wallet using a wallet top-up voucher or a valid payment method. Then, you or your child can use these funds to buy services and content from the PlayStation Store.

Funding the wallet is only possible for master accounts. Child accounts don’t have this feature. However, they can still purchase services and content by using their parents’ manager’s wallets.

Hopefully, this article can help you learn how to transfer PS4 wallet money to another account!