The 9 Best Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval

Generally, all credit card providers have some form of basic requirements before issuing a credit card to a new customer. However, when it comes to online store credit cards guaranteed approval; it means that you will get approved as long as you meet certain conditions. The requirements for qualification are usually minimal, for instance, you may get directed to submit your contact information, name, prove a specified income level, and have a checking account.

Moreover, experts warn consumers against opening store cards due to high APRs, but, some cards offer nice perks such as free shipping, special financing offers, and endless discounts. As long as you can pay the full amount on time, you can avoid the said high-interest rates. Most importantly, not all the online store credit cards are the same; some will approve anyone, while others will have high-interest rates.

Sometimes, it may be tough getting approval for a credit card until you have a credit score. Fortunately, there are credit cards for bad credit no deposit with strategies on how you can build up your credit score quickly. Usually, a credit score of 300, the lowest FICO score to 650, is termed as bad credit. Consequently, some card providers will consider a score of between 550 to 650 as poor credit giving customers an option for an unsecured credit card.

What Is a Credit Card?

Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval

A credit card, also known as ‘plastic money’ is a payment tool given to customers to enable them to pay a merchant after purchasing products. This card is also available as an alternative to cash that gives the ease of carrying, and paying cash, as the money doesn’t require to be paid upfront by the consumer.

So, the best option is to convert the huge payment using the credit card into equated monthly installments, after a high budget purchase. Many credit cards are convenient for frequent travelers since they are accepted globally. Also, the heightened security features offer users some peace of mind for frauds associated with credit cards are less rampant.

What Do You Need To Understand About The Online Store Credit Cards?

i) Credit score

Most of the online store credit cards with guaranteed approval don’t need credit score check or employee verification; hence, they are suitable for people with bad credit. You can find the best credit cards for students with no credit, unfortunately, consumers with bad credit have their options limited.

ii) Interest rates

Most shopping credit cards have relatively high-interest rates than general-use credit cards. Their average APR is about 25%, while the average APR for general-purpose cards is around 16%.

iii) Special offers

Online shopping cards have rewards in various forms, plus special offers that benefit the user. For instance, the offers can be in form of interest rates, or lower introductory rates lasting for several months. Hence, you should check out all the specifics of card usage.

iv) Annual fees

Some cards have no annual fees while others require a once-a-year fee payment. However, if feel that the yearly fee is substantial, you should rethink getting that card. It’s advisable to go with no annual for or low fee cards. Alternatively, if you are eyeing to get numerous rewards while spending money, consider an annual fee on the card.

How Do You Transfer Money From Prepaid Card Or Credit Card To Bank Account?

Using a credit card to send money to the bank is the cheapest way to bypass the hefty charges involved in withdrawing cash from credit cards. However, its a wise idea to use savings or income, to transfer money to your bank account using a credit card.

There are various ways through which you can send money from credit card to bank account instantly online through a mobile app or third parties. You can transfer funds using debit cards or credit cards of HDFC, ICICI, Citibank, SBI, and more to any bank account, and the send money will reflect in your bank account instantly.

On the other hand, it is possible to transfer money from a prepaid card to a bank account. The process is not direct and may involve third parties like MoneyGram to make the transfer if your prepaid card doesn’t allow transferring money to bank accounts.

Logging in to the prepaid card’s app or website. If your prepaid card does not allow transfers to bank accounts, you can use a third-party service like MoneyGram to make the transfer.

Can You Transfer Money From a Checking Account To a Prepaid Card?

Prepaid cards provide consumers with a convenient means to access cash without exceeding some spending limits. Besides, the amount of money a cardholder can spend with a prepaid card equals to the preloaded balance. There are times that consumers may choose to load a prepaid card by initiating a direct deposit with an employer.

In this scenario, funds can be sent from a checking account to a prepaid account by establishing an ACH transfer on the banking institution’s website. In other cases, you can transfer money using a routing number and account number to a prepaid account through visiting your bank in person.

What Are The 9 Best Online Store Credit Cards Guaranteed Approval?

1) Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card

Everything gets found nearly on, so this no-annual-fee card is suitable for consumers without Amazon Prime membership, who want to earn rewards on purchases such as electronics, home improvement items, and furniture. Upon the credit card approval, you will earn a $50 Amazon electronic gift card.

Besides, it gives 3% back in points on all purchases, in addition to earning some non-expiry extra rewards points on gas, dining, and drugstore purchases made outside Amazon. The cash back earnings are on three levels including 3% at and Whole Foods Markets; 2% at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores; and 1% on everything else.

Fees and rates;

  • 5% balance transfer fee
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Regular APR 14.24%-22.24%

2) Macy’s Credit Card

If you are a big spender looking for a nice reward card, this card a must-have if you are loyal to Macy’s. However, if you spend on your card at least $1,200 in a calendar year, you’ll stand for the highest status in Macy’s Star Rewards program and achieve 5% back in rewards on all purchases, plus free shipping, and invites to special events.

Additionally, new cardholders receive 20% off all purchases done within the first two days, for up to $100 in savings. If you consume at least $500 at receipt of the card, within seven days, you are eligible for Gold status by the end of the calendar year, which offers 3% back in rewards. Most importantly, Macy’s Credit Card perks are confined to Macy’s discounts and promotions, and the card is not usable at other stores.

Fees and rates;

  • Regular APR of 25.24%
  • Annual fee$0

3) My Best Buy Visa Card

The My Best Buy Visa Card, provided by Citibank, gives rewards toward long term purchases at the electronics retailer. If you a tech guru or an acquainting customer at best buy, there is a sound reason to choose this card. You can earn pretty 5% back in points on Best Buy purchases, and 6% back after spending $3,500 on this card, or at Best Buy with any payment method, in a calendar year), and even some extra points on routine purchases like dinners out and gas.

Moreover, there are decent rewards on other purchases, earning 3% back on gas, 2% back on dining and takeout, 1% back on all other purchases. There’s also a limited revolving bonus category offer of 5% back on grocery purchases, so be watchful to activate it. Besides, for eligible purchases at Best Buy, you can get 5% back in points, 3% cashback at gas stations, 2% cashback on dining and takeout, and 1% everywhere else.

Fees and rates;

  • No foreign transaction fee.
  • Annual fee up to $59
  • Regular APR 25.24% variable

4) Walmart Rewards Card

The Walmart Rewards Card enables you to maximize savings through earning rewards while also benefiting from the everyday store’s low prices. The cardholders earn 5% cash back at, in addition to the Walmart app, and 2% cashback at Walmart and Murphy USA fuel stations, as well as Walmart stores.

However, the Walmart Rewards Card gives lower rewards rate for in-store purchases in comparison to online and app transactions, you can earn 5% back on in-store purchases done through Walmart Pay for the first 12 months after the account opening.

Moreover, if you want a Walmart card with extensive use, you can get the Capital One Walmart card. This card offers the same rewards as the store card, in addition to 2% cashback on restaurants and travel purchases plus 1% cashback on other purchases.

Fees and rates;

  • Annual fee- $0
  • Intro APR- None
  • Regular APR- 26.99% variable
  • Balance transfer fee- N/A
  • Foreign transaction fee- N/A

5) Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account

Fingerhut is an online retailer that works similarly to Amazon and provides you with the ability to purchase online and establish or rebuild your credit through reporting your account to all 3 credit reporting agencies. Besides, this card is quick and easy to apply with instant approval.

Moreover, with the unsecured store credit Advantage Credit Account, you can only get the card to shop with Fingerhut or its partners. Meanwhile, you can shop for over 400,000 items, using this account to help establish or rebuild your credit.

The main features for this card include:

  • No annual fee
  • 99% interest rate
  • 10% back through a payment rewards program
  • $38 fee for late payments or returned payments
  • The account reported to all 3 credit reporting agencies
  • Easy approval even with limited or no credit history

6) Target REDcard

Target RED card doesn’t fetch typical rewards, but it comes with a 5% discount for every eligible Target purchase on groceries and home self-care items, both online and in-store. The cardholders also receive 5% back at Starbucks locations within Target.

Moreover, you can get a 10% discount coupon every anniversary especially on large purchases, 30 additional days for free shipping, and returns on most Target online purchases, plus a 10% back on bookings.

Fees and rates;

  • Annual fee- $0
  • Sign-up bonus- N/A

7) Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi

This card is ideal for dedicated Costco fans that already have a membership of $60 for Gold Star and $120 for Gold Star Executive. However, this card comes with no annual fees and offers 2% on general Costco purchases. If you want to earn cash back along with multiple spending categories, you can’t go wrong with this card.

Moreover, the reward earns 4% cash back on eligible gas for up to $7,000 per year, and afterward 1%, 3% on restaurants and qualified travel purchases; 2% on all other purchases from Costco in store and online.

Fees and rates;

  • Annual fee: $0 (with paid Costco membership
  • Sign-up bonus: N/A

8) Chase Freedom Flex

Chase Freedom Flex earns you up to $300 each year in bonus cash back for maximizing categories each quarter. However, these categories differ, and you will find department and superstores such as Walmart or Target make a comeback at least once a year. The department stores usually have their retail cards, but the Freedom Flex remains as an excellent alternative.

If you possess a Chase Ultimate Rewards card, you will be able to accumulate the cash back earned on the Freedom Flex, and redeem it for travel using the Chase portal for a transfer or bonus to an airline or hotel partner. Additionally, you can earn $200 after spending $500 on purchases in the first quarter. Plus, get a 5% back on the first $12,000 spent on grocery purchases for the first year excluding purchases through Target and Walmart.

Fees and rates;

  • Annual fee- $0
  • Rewards rate on store purchases: Earn 5% on up to $1,500 spent on quarterly rotating categories, which accrues to $600 cash back in year one.

9) Store Card

The Store Card is a useful card for cardholders who are also Prime members, as they’ll earn 5% back on purchases. Some applications can get considered for a secured category of this card.

Besides, all the cardholders have access to unique financing on purchases of $149 or more. This special financing comprises of deferred interest. Hence, be sure to settle your financed purchases completely before the lapse of the promotional period to avoid charged interest on the entire purchase.

Fees and rates;

  • Cardholders who are also Amazon Prime members earn 5% cash back on purchases
  • Receive special financing on purchases over $149
  • Pay $0 annual card fee; Prime fee may apply

Bottom line

Finding the best online store credit cards with guaranteed approval can be tricky. However, they are generally easier credit cards to get and may comprise points, coupons, or other perks from the provider. The downside is that these cards attach higher APRs and lower credit limits, unlike, the regular use credit cards offered by major card companies, but they are worth having.