How to Find the Routing Number for Bank of America

A routing number in America is a unique number used by banks according to their location. It helps to identify banks. A routing number allows people who wish to make transactions with individual banks. On the other hand, account numbers help to identify an individual’s account with a particular bank. For you to send money with checking account number, you need to have the account number of the recipient in mind.

A routing number consists of 9 digits usually located at the bottom of a check to identify the bank institution were to withdraw the money. The American Bankers Association developed the system to facilitate sorting, the bundling, and delivering the paper checks to the owner’s bank for debit to the owner’s account. The system came into existence in 1910. Today, even electronic payment methods still use the routing number.

Finding a routing number is easy. If you have a checkbook for your account, then looking at the bottom, the routing number is the nine-digit number on the left side. The other number on the right is your account number, of which the account number is usually 10 to 12 digits. Your monthly statement also indicates your account number. You can also find your specific state’s bank routing number from usbank.com.

Where Can You Find Your Account Number for Bank of America?

How to Find the Routing Number for Bank of America

You can find your account number just at the bottom of your check. To do this, just look at the bottom of the check on the left side of the check after the routing number. Remember that you can only utilize the Bank of America routing number if you have an account.

To open an account with Bank of America, you need to download the bank’s application from the Google play store. Upon downloading, click at the top right corner and select the state you live in. Click Go to get started. Next, enter your preferred ID and pass-code than click “sign in’. You can also visit the bank’s branch near you and register an account.

The Bank of America’s online banking services include the transfer of money between accounts, deposit checks, pay bills, set up custom alerts, track spending and budgeting, and deposit checks, among others.

What if you forget your username? Sometimes you forget your details for online banking services. If it happens, just go to the part written forgot online ID and pass-code on the login page and click the tab. Next, enter the last six digits provided in the blank space.

Next, enter your valid security number, or even the Tax ID number. On the next page, enter your checking account number. The page opens if you indicate that you do not have a security or ID number. Lastly, enter your last digits of your Automatic Teller Machine Card and pin and click okay.

What is Bank of America’s routing number?

Bank of America Corporation or simply BofA is an American multinational investment and financial services bank. It has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. It has central hubs in Hong Kong, Minneapolis, Toronto, New York, and London.

The bank started its operations in San Francisco through the Nations Bank’s acquisition of Bank Of America in 1998. After JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America Corporation occupies the second position in America. It serves approximately 10.73% of the entire banking group in America. Other popular banks struggling to outwit Bank of America include Citigroup and Wells Fargo.

Bank of America’s financial activities includes wealth management, commercial banking, and investment banking. The bank has various routing numbers in different stages of America. They include the following.

No.Name of StateRouting no
1Bank of America Alabama051000017
2Bank of America Alaska051000018
3Bank of America Arizona122101706
4Bank of America Arkansas082000073
5Bank of America California121000358
6Bank of America Colorado123103716
7Bank of America Connecticut011900254
8Bank of America Delaware031202084
9Bank of America District of Columbia054001204
10Bank of America Florida063100277 or 063000047
11Bank of America Florida, West063100277
12Bank of America Georgia061000052
13Bank of America Hawaii051000017
14Bank of America Idaho123103716
15Bank of America Illinois081904808
16Bank of America Illinois071000505
17Bank of America Illinois, Chicago Metro081904808 or 0071103619
18Bank of America Indiana071214579
19Bank of America Iowa073000176
20Bank of America Kansas101100045
21Bank of America Kentucky051000017
22Bank of America Louisiana051000017
23Bank of America Maine011200365
24Bank of America Maryland052001633
25Bank of America Massachusetts011000138
26Bank of America Michigan272078365
27Bank of America Minnesota071214579
28Bank of America Mississippi051000017
29Bank of America Missouri, East081000032 or 101000035
30Bank of America Missouri081000033
31Bank of America Montana051000017
32Bank of America Nebraska051000017
33Bank of America Nevada122400724
34Bank of America New Hampshire011400495
35Bank of America New Jersey021200339
36Bank of America New Mexico107000327
37Bank of America New York021000322
38Bank of America North Carolina053000196
39Bank of America North Dakota051000017
40Bank of America Ohio051000017
41Bank of America Oklahoma103000017
42Bank of America Oregon323070380
43Bank of America Pennsylvania031202084
44Bank of America Rhode Island011500010
45Bank of America South Carolina053904483
46Bank of America South Dakota051000017
47Bank of America Tennessee064000020
48Bank of America Texas, North111000025
49Bank of America Texas111000025/ 113000023
50Bank of America Utah051000017
51Bank of America Vermont051000017
52Bank of America Virginia051000017
53Bank of America Washington125000024
54Bank of America West Virginia051000017
56Bank of America Wisconsin051000017

In a routing number, the first four digits are the Federal Reserve Identifiers. Again, the first two digits of the four indicate which of the 12 Federal Reserve Bank districts location. The last two of the four digits indicate which Federal Reserve center has an assignment as the check processing center.

The next four numbers indicate your banking institution as each bank has that unique number. That makes a total of eight figures, whereby the last digit is the check digit. The concerned experts calculate it from the first 8 digits.

Some states have more than one banking number. Other states share similar routing numbers. If you are looking for a routing number and find some ambiguous digits you are not sure of, you should call their hotline numbers and confirm if, for sure, the routing number is correct. Never do guesswork when it comes to doing financial transactions.

Is an ABA number the same as a routing number?

ABA number is the same as a routing number. Financial experts sometimes call it routing transfer number. As indicated earlier, a routing number is the nine digits usually located at the bottom left of your check, just before the account number. The numbers identify a unique bank in the United States of America.

For your information, a routing number is significant when doing transactions across banks. Essential uses of a routing number include ensuring safe deposit of pension or salary money to your account, making a wire transfer to someone in the USA, check payment, and payment of bills.

A routing number is different from Swift code in that; a routing number is for domestic payments while swift codas for international payments. However, they are all important when making any payment. SWIFT codes also take the name BIC codes.

IBANS (International Bank Account Numbers) are also similar to SWIFT codes but only operate in Europe. IBAN is the short form of the International Bank Account Number. Just like the SWIFT code, the IBAN helps to do transactions with reduced risk of making errors. It used to operate in Europe but has extended to other parts of the world such as the Caribbean and the Middle East. There is hope that in the future, the number will penetrate more countries.

What is the Bank of America routing number in California?

America is a vast country composed of different states. The states are like small countries under leadership of a single president. As I indicated earlier in the table above, each state has its unique routing number.

The routing number for California is 121000358. You can see that it has nine digits in total. It is unique to California. Any other state will have a different number.

What is the routing number for Bank of America in Michigan?

Michigan, like any other state, has its routing number specifically for that state. It is different from other states. The uniqueness of the figure helps banks to keep proper transaction records. Like many other banks in the world, Bank of America needs several routing numbers for each state to handle the large population of users.

The routing number of Bank of America in Michigan is 272078365. Michigan has a good number of people living in urban areas who entirely depend on Bank transactions to meet their demands. Some rural dwellers also depend on the bank for financial activities.

Bottom Line

The Bank of America routing number is significant to bank users of America. Apart from an account number, you also need the routing number to identify where you opened your account. Each state has its unique routing number to help users to do their transactions. It helps you to pay bills, receive salaries and pensions, among others. A bank is very important for any economy to grow.