Cash App Card Design Ideas (30+ COOL Ideas for Users)

Say goodbye to traditional card designs and hello to the customized and creative Cash App cards!

Cash App card designs are fun to make and will make your buying experience more personalized to you.

We’ll share our favorite Cash App card design ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Can You Customize a Cash App Card?

Cash App Cards
You can customize your Cash App card with special designs, colors, $Cashtags, signatures, and more!

A customized Cash App card is similar to a standard cash card, except that you can select the signature, or graphic printed on the card.

There are image requirements, but you can make a unique card as long as the image adheres to those fundamental parameters.

How Do I Customize My Cash Card?

If this is your first time ordering a Card, follow the instructions below:

  • Launch the Cash App on your phone.
  • Click on the Cash Card tab found at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then, click the colorful button labeled “GET FREE CASH CARD.”
  • Choose your preferred hue and then click “Continue.”
  • Tap to personalize your signature by displaying your Cashtag and then signing it.
  • By tapping the small smiling face button next to the signature area, you can write or draw your signature or even add stamps.
  • Next, enter your mailing address and then press the Next button.
  • Confirm your given name and surname.
  • Continue after reading the information, terms, and conditions.

You should receive your card within 10 business days.

How Do I Re-Design My Cash App Card?

To change the color, emojis, or signature on your Cash Card follow these simple steps:

  1. On the Cash App main screen, tap the “Cash Card” tab.
  2. Choose the option “Create a New Card”.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: It costs $5 to change the design of your Cash Card.

Cash App Card Design Ideas

Cash App cards are sleek and minimally designed, making them even more appealing.

In addition to the RDIF chip, the card has a laser-printed signature in the corner.

Besides the signature field, you can print anything you want on the card.

Although ordering the Cash Card is free, customizing it costs $5.

The unique design (or signature) increases the appeal of your card.

Let’s look at the Cash App card colors available.

Black Cash App Card

This is the initial Cash App card design. It’s the most popular Cash App card among consumers.

You can add a nice touch to your debit card by embellishing it with your signature, Cash App names, quotes, custom design, logos, or even a cartoon!

White Cash App Card

A simple card design for those who prefer lighter colors over dark. You can add any design to this white background Cash Card.

Cash App * HBA

HBA is a well-known premium streetwear brand.

It’s a limited-edition card design that’s only accessible on Cash App. It is also more expensive than the previous designs.

It costs 7 times more than a regular design update.

This type of modification will cost you $35. The pattern is reminiscent of payment chips printed all over the card.

You can boast aristocracy with this expensive makeover of your Cash Card.

Glow-in-the-Dark Card

Getting a glow-in-the-dark Cash App card is as simple as getting a regular Cash App card.

You can order a glow-in Cash App card and design it in the Cash App settings. You just need to pay a $5 extra fee.

The Cash App glow-in-the-dark card is covered with radium paint, which is what makes it glow in the dark after it’s absorbed light from its surroundings.

Funny Cash App Card Designs

Cash App’s customizable cash card designs are inspiring people to be creative. Cards that can be personalized have become a social media craze.

Cash App will print pretty much any drawing you submit within reason.

Check out some of the unique Cash Card art collected from Twitter below:

artistic card
Anime-style cartoon card with dollar signs. This one was printed on a black Cash App card.
cute dog card
Cute outline of a dog printed onto a white Cash App card.
simple black card
Plain black Cash App card for the minimalists.
creepy creative card
Super creative and creepy design for the artistic Cash App user.
simple glow in the dark design
Minimal glow-in-the-dark design.
money sign card
Black Cash App card with dollar sign, diamond, heart, peace, and money face emojis.
sparkle card
White Cash Card with sparkles.
multicolor card
Multi-color gradient Cash Card.
funny card
Sarcastic and plain black Cash Card. This one might remind you to save more.
shrek card
Meme-y Shrek design printed onto a glow-in-the-dark Cash Card.
grungy card
Grungy black Cash App card.
money card
Money glow-in-the-dark Cash Card.
Avatar card
For Avatar lovers, a glow-in-the-dark Last Airbender design.
large skull card design
Enlarged skull emoji design on black card.
emoji simple card
Simple slang emoji card printed on white.
football card
Multicolored football card design.
motivational card
Customized print on glow-in-the-dark Cash Card.
motivational card
Motivational Cash Card design.
funny put me away card
Funny black Cash Card.
skater design
Skater Cash App card on the glow-in-the-dark background.
taco design
If you love tacos (who doesn’t?), this one’s for you.
glow in the dark cactus design
Glow-in-the-dark cartoon desert design.
simple glow in the dark card
Plain glow card.
emoji card
Emoji card.
skull emoji design
Edgy skull print Cash Card on black design.
funny design
Funny drawing printed on glow-in-the-dark Cash Card.
simple design
Simple white text on a black Cash Card.
nighttime cactus design
Nighttime desert cactus scene.
emoji card design
Laughing emoji Cash Card design.
unicorn and ice cream card
Unicorn and ice cream design.
Pet lovers design
Pet lover Cash Card in the glow-in-the-dark option.


Q: Can You Add a Picture to Your Cash App Card?

A: Sadly, you can not add a picture to your Cash Card.

The Cash App’s design tools do not allow you to add a photo to your Cash Card.

You have 3 design options for your card: freehand writing or drawing, adding emojis, or keeping it blank.

Q: Can You Customize Your Cash App Card for Free?

A: The Cash Card is a free, reloadable debit card linked to your Cash App card balance.

It’s free to order a Cash Card, but custom design and color options may incur a small fee.

Unless you desire a limited edition card, the typical price is $5. A limited-edition card might set you back up to $35.

It may be used everywhere Visa is accepted, including online and in-store. To apply for a Cash Card, you must be at least 18 years old.

Q: How Long Does it Take to Personalize a Cash App Card?

A: Personalization of a Cash App card might take up to 10 business days.

First, they’ll notify you through email once your card has been sent.

Your actual card will be mailed within 5-10 business days.

After receiving your card, you must activate it and customize it with your name.

This procedure takes only a few minutes and may be completed online or using the Cash App app.

Q: How to Get a New Cash App Card?

A: To get your Cash App Card, simply follow these steps:

  • On the Cash App main screen, tap the Cash Card tab.
  • Press Purchase a Cash Card
  • Tap Continue
  • Follow the instructions.

As mentioned, to apply for a Cash Card, you must be at least 18 years old.

Your Cash Card may be used right away by connecting it to Apple Pay and Google Pay, or by entering the card details on the Cash Card page.