How to Customize My Wells Fargo Debit Card

Wells Fargo is one of the oldest financial institutions in the United States of America. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, California. The company also operates internationally and has branches in over 30 countries of the world. Among the many financial services you can get at Wells Fargo is the Wells Fargo custom debit card. You can suggest how you want the card to appear to suit your personal preferences.

Customizing a card is optional, and you can decide to have it in its default appearance. Wells Fargo understands that customizing a card increases trust and confidence in the users. How will you feel when your favorite photo is on your debit card? It is not the same way you will feel if you have an uncustomized card. You will learn how you can customize your card later on.

Not only debit cards that are customizable but you can also customize a credit card with whichever image or art you would like to have. If you have a business, you can get a business credit card and personalize it with your company’s name or logo. This way, you will distinguish the card from other regular cards for personal expenditure.

How do I customize my Wells Fargo Debit card?

wells fargo custom debit card

Customizing the Wells Fargo Debit Card involves adding your photo or a picture of your family and friends, pet, your favorite hobby, or even your child’s artwork. However, not all images are valid as you are not allowed to use pictures of the name, image, and likeness of a public figure, third-party trademarks, and copyrighted materials.

Wells Fargo has a right to reject such photos since they can bring some legal issues. The advantage of having a custom debit card is that you can identify yourself more with the card. Even when someone who knows you collects it, people can easily locate you and hand it over.

Moreover, customized cards appear beautiful. If you have used your favorite family photo, such a card looks pretty appealing to the eye. Looking at the card’s image can also keep reminding you of a particularly significant event in your life.

Who can customize their debit cards?

If you have a checking account with Wells Fargo, you can get a debit card and customize it in the best way possible. If you need the card but do not have a checking account with Wells Fargo, you must open an account first, then request the debit card.

The good thing with Wells Fargo is that you can open an account online by calling customer care or visiting any Wells Fargo branch in person with all the necessary documents, after which you can then apply for the card.

To get a customized card, you can call 1-800-932-6736. The debit card offers convenience to access your money in your account. You can withdraw cash at an ATM point, purchase goods and services in a store, transfer funds, or even make deposits in your account.

Does Wells Fargo offer credit cards?

Wells Fargo has various credit cards that you can get depending on your scores. If you are still a college student and want to start building your credit scores, the Wells Fargo Cash Back College Card serves as a good option for you to start accumulating good scores as early as possible.

Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Card is also another sound credit card if you want to receive cashback. However, the card requires you to have credit scores of at least 700. Another option is the Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card that does not have an annual fee.

If you do not have good credit scores, you can opt for the Wells Fargo business secured credit card for your business transactions. The card earns you a 1.5% cash back and has a $0 annual fee. It is a sound credit card that can help you build your scores slowly if you utilize it well.

A secured credit card enables you to deposit some amount of money as security. For the Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card, the minimum amount of money you can deposit is $500, while the maximum is $25,000.

Credit cards allow you to use money and pay later. They are like loans, and when paying back, there must be interest. Credit cards have a spending limit of which you cannot use more than the maximum amount unless you have a special arrangement with your card issuer.

Does a Wells Fargo second chance allow debit card customization?

You can get a second chance checking account at Wells Fargo, known as the Wells Fargo Opportunity Checking account. The Wells Fargo second chance checking account allows you to get back to the right track if you had misused your previous bank account. The bank account will enable you to use a debit card, write checks and pay bills.

The only shortcoming with the card is that it has high monthly fees of $10 per month. It has no APY, and the minimum amount you can deposit in the account is $25 when opening your account. As time goes by, you can qualify for better bank accounts. You can avoid the monthly fee by maintaining a $1,500 minimum daily balance or making direct deposits of at least $500.

You can customize your bank account debit card just like other cards for other types of accounts. Every payment card at Wells Fargo is customizable, and thus if you have one that you had not customized, you can then begin the process to make the card look beautiful.

Can you customize all your Wells Fargo cards with a similar image?

You can use the same image to customize all your Wells Fargo cards. However, the best way to utilize the personalization feature is to use different pictures on each card. You can use a business logo for your business debit or credit card, use your car image for the card for fueling your car, or use the photo of your children for the school fees card, and so on.

Using the right image on a card helps you manage your money well since you can differentiate a card from the others according to how you should use it.

Are Wells Fargo’s debit cards secured?

Wells Fargo is constantly evolving with the changing security threats and especially those concerned with online transactions. There are lots of malware that can access your computers and smartphone data when connected online. Since the company knows about this, they have developed complex security systems to ensure that you do not lose your money to hackers.

1) Data encryption

The first security measure that Wells Fargo has put in place is the encryption of data of all users when transacting online. It ensures that there is no third party that can intercept the communication.

However, it requires you to ensure that you use safe internet connectivity all the time. Some public WiFi’s can expose your details, and this can be a loophole where online thieves can access your account. 

2) PIN

Another security feature that Wells Fargo has put in place is to ensure that you use a PIN all the time, especially when withdrawing money using your ATM card. Since you are the only one who knows about the PIN, it is tough for someone else to withdraw your money from an ATM. You should also not tell anyone about your PIN.

3) Alerts

Wells Fargo allows you to subscribe to regular alerts to get all kinds of transactions that happen. Therefore, you can know about any illegal trade and notify the concerned personnel for immediate action to prevent further money loss.

4) 2-step verification sign in

Wells Fargo sends you a verification code to your mobile phone when logging in online using a mobile app or website. If someone else tries to log in online using your PIN, which they acquired fraudulently, then you can quickly notice it. The sign-in cannot go through without the code.

5) Facial authentication

You can enable facial recognition if you are using a smartphone that recognizes your face. If someone else tries to log in, then the sign-in cannot go through. However, facial recognition technology can be tricky when it comes to identical twins.

6) Fingerprint authentication

There is no one else with the same kind of finger in the world. Therefore, if you use your figure to access your account online, then it will be difficult for anyone else to do so. However, someone may force your figure in case of an abduction or when asleep.

7) Voice verification

The voice verification option allows customer care to identify you. You should note that your voice is unique, and you can use it to secure your account. More and more financial companies are beginning to embrace the technology, which has improved bank account securities.

Bottom line

You can easily customize your card with the most favorite image ever. Personalizing your image ensures that you can easily find it when lost, more so if you use your photo. Wells Fargo allows you to customize any card, be it a credit card or a debit card. To get a Wells Fargo debit card, you must create a checking account if you do not have one. Furthermore, online security for your Wells Fargo account is tight.