The 9 Best Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reels

Are you tired of untangling and tiding up hoses after a busy day in your garden? Well, there is a solution to your predicaments. Luckily, wall mounted garden hose reel provides a convenient place to store garden hoses safely between uses and makes them easy to retrieve. They take up limited space, and some feature decorative designs. Besides, well-stored pipes are also more protected from the wear and tear elements than those anyhow stored.

However, it’s a brilliant idea to mount a reel on the wall and keep the hose ready whenever it needed for use. One of the most critical tools you would never want to miss in your garden is a water hose. Hence, there is a dire need for proper storage to avoid having a messy compound of hose pipes. So, choose a wall-mounted reel, or it’s easy to move around your garden as you work.

Interestingly, auto hose reels automatically retract when done watering, so you can save time on clearing up and have more time walking around your garden. This article’s objective is to help you reveal the best wall mounted garden hose reel as well as the industrial retractable water hose reel, so that you can keep your garden neat and tidy and protect your hose from getting tangled or damaged too.

What Do You Consider When Buying the Wall-Mounted Garden Hose Reels?

wall mounted garden hose reels

i) Construction materials

This aspect is the underlying factor you should take into account before making any purchase. If you wish the hose reel to serve you for the longest time, you must go for the product with sturdy construction materials to withstand wear and tear. Also, you must check on the description that the contents are resistant to rust to avoid corrosion

ii) Size and Capacity

Most importantly, consider the size and capacity of the hose reel in terms of how many feet can the reel support. It can be annoying if you realize later that the hose reel does not fit your hose’s length and diameter. Moreover, apart from the color and design, you should put emphasize on the size and capacity of the reel.

iii) Assembling

Since a wall-mounted hose reel requires a drill to fix it to the wall plus mounting brackets to help secure it, it is always a sound idea to choose the hose reels which have a simple installation. If the set-up is a bit sophisticated, ensure that an installation guide has get provided. In short, get the hose reel that is easier and simple to set up.

iv) Hose Stopper

A wall-mounted, retractable hose reel with an in-built hose stopper is an excellent investment. It helps you to adjust the length giving you enough time to attend to a particular area. However, the hose stopper will permanently store the hose length, making it easier to use and control length when the hose is retracting.

v) Retraction

A good hose reel offers an automatic retraction for the hose after you complete watering. Therefore, make sure the hose reel is straightforward for you to avoid manual winding and unwinding, which can make you exhausted, leave the hose reel kinky, and tangle. This handy feature reduces kinks and knots that may occur when gathering up the hose by hand.

What Are The 9 Best Wall Mounted Garden Hose Reels?

1. GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel 115-Feet

The high-quality hose is instantly ready for use in the required length, and various connecting accessories are always right away when you require them. However, the nozzles, sprayers, and wash brushes can be conveniently hung and stored on the wall bracket.

Besides, an integrated steel spring that is ideally suited for the hose length provides even, forceless retraction. The integrated hose guide prevents the twisting and tangling of the hose. The Hose Box can be swiveled 180° to prevent kinking of the hose while watering, and the box is foldable to the wall for space-saving storage.

During winter, the box can simply be removed from the bracket and stored in a frost-protected place. Interestingly, this quality hose ensures a high-water flow and optimal sprinkler operation making watering easy and convenient.

  • Automatic roll-up
  • Easy transport and flexible use
  • Even retraction
  • Frost resistant
  • No spillages
  • Relatively expensive

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2. Power Retractable Hose Reel 50 ft Plus 6 ft x 5/8″ – Supports 350 PSI

The POWER Retractable Hose Reel comes with a full retractable return system, 50 ft, 5/8-inch hose, which supports up to 350 PSI. It is, on average, 50% more than any competitor’s maximum PSI in the market, enabling you to work on diversified projects. Besides, the heavy-duty twist collar and top-quality brass fittings equip the hose reel with the best possible features you will find.

Moreover, the mounting brackets allow a 180-degree swivel with mounting hardware included so that you can place it on the wall or ceiling. The hose reel is a super heavy-duty, slow return system with a three layer-hybrid material that guarantees unbeatable product durability and quality.

  • Affordable
  • Excellent quality and durability
  • Powerful retraction system
  • No leakages
  • Easy and convenient use
  • Poor plastic mounts

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3. GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel 50-Feet

Operations with the gardena hose reel are smooth because the hose box does the cranking for you. The practical Hose Box is fixed to the wall and can swivel by 180°. However, the hose can be conveniently withdrawn with little effort and stopped at short intervals of a maximum of 50 cm.

The quality hose with a 13-mm diameter ensures a high-water flow and optimal sprinkler operation. Additionally, with a short pull on the hose, the lock is deactivated, and, automatically, the pipe quickly drawn into the box without any bending or cranking.

Besides, your hands remain clean during the entire gardening and watering as there are no tangles or spillages. In winter, the Hose Box can be taken by the ergonomically-shaped handle effortlessly from the wall bracket for frost-protected storage.

  • Easy to setup and operate
  • Has a flexible hose box
  • No bending or tangling of hose reel
  • Comes with a complete kit
  • Less expensive
  • Heavyweight design

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4. Liberty Garden Products 709-S2 Hose Reel-200feet

The versatile 709 Hose Reel is made up of durable heavy gauge stainless steel with brass hose connections to withstand all weather conditions. This reel holds up to 200 feet of 5/8-inch garden hose and has a 5-foot leader hose. The versatile 709 Hose Reel is an industrial retractable garden hose reel that easily secures walls, lawn, or turf.

However, the stainless-steel multi-purpose wall and floor mounted garden hose reel is functional and straightforward. It comes assembled; hence you just attach the crank handle. The industrial-grade, heavy-duty, solid wall mounted reel can be used as a non-skid floor mount with the included rubber boots.

  • Weather-resistant
  • Versatile dual mount design
  • Durable construction
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Well-designed handle
  • Mounting hardware not included

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5. Gartenkraft XG-75S Retractable Hose Reel-100feet

This 100feet retractable garden hose reel is one of a kind and a real time saver. It has an access panel that enables you to adjust or replace the hose inside if needed. Besides, this hose reel comes with a secure mounting system that only takes minutes to install, and the unit can be removed easily for storage with quick release mount and handle. The mounting system enables the system to swivel 180°.

However, the Gartenkraft hose reel will halt and lock in place, enabling watering at a specific length. Once done, you simply give the hose a gentle pull, and the hose reel will retract back in. Also, no need to worry about the hose tangling inside the reel, with its guidance system, the hose pipe will roll up correctly every time.

  • Cheap
  • Has a slow rewind system
  • Easy installation process
  • Adjustable length
  • Easily portable
  • Poor mounting plate

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6. Suncast Resin Outdoor Wall Mount Hose Reel

Suncast has a heavy-duty weatherproof resin frame that offers durability and allows for usage throughout the seasons.  At a 200 feet capacity, this hose reel is an excellent solution for lawns, patios, and apartments. Besides, the technology quickly and securely connects the hose reel to your garden hose. The setup is straightforward, and there is no need for tools as this hose reel comes fully assembled

A robust and reinforced system ensures a watertight connection between hose reel and hose 200 feet of 5/8 inches standard vinyl hose capacity. The hose reel is versatile for its mountable on the fence, side of the house, or wall. Additionally, it’s ideal for yards that need extra space.

  • 3-year limited warranty
  • Keeps hose neat and tidy
  • Attractive design
  • Durable construction
  • Cheap
  • Plastic parts break under pressure

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7. Gardena 2650 164- feet

Gardena 2650 provides a convenient and straightforward solution to all of your watering, soil, and lawn care management routines. This device is removable, and wall-mountable Garden Hose Reel with hose guide for secure installation procedures.

Besides, the built-in carrying handle offers easy transport for indoor storage during the winter season. The angled hose connection prevents the hose from kinking and tangling. Moreover, the operation is so smooth, the mount holds very securely on the wall, so there is no wobbling about when you are winding in.

The hose guide supplied is also secure on the wall. On top of that, the manufacturer offers a minimum of 12-month parts and labor warranty on this product, so in the unlikely event that your Gardena product develops a fault, it will get repaired or replaced free of charge.

  • Highly portable
  • Simple and strong mounts
  • The user remains neat and tidy
  • Durable construction
  • Anti-drip protection
  • Not weatherproof

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8. Power Retractable Hose Reel 50 + 6 ft x 5/8 inches-supports 500 PSI

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This retractable garden hose reel comes with a 5/8″ x 50 plus 6 feet hose, equipped with a fully retractable, and slow return system, supports up to 500 PSI burst strength. However, the auto-retract hose reel keeps the exceeding hose out of the working space and locks it at different intervals.

The mounting brackets allow a 180-degree swivel so that you can place it on the wall. Additionally, the hose gets constructed with three layer-hybrid material with unbeatable product durability and quality to offer you a lifetime service.

It comes with a unique nozzle protector and a slow return system, which stops the hose from bringing damages or harming someone when retracting. The hose is perfect for garden watering, car washing, sidewalk, garage cleaning, and much more.

  • High-quality product
  • Slow return system
  • 3-year full warranty
  • Affordable
  • No hose kinks
  • Bulky

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9. AMES 2397200 NeverLeak Decorative Swivel Reel 100-Feet

If you are interested in the appearance of your home, the exterior of your house is just as important as the interior. The beautiful bronze finish complements any outdoor décor enhancing your outdoor landscaping creativity.

Besides, this hose reel holds up to 100′ of 5/8-inch hose capacity, and the unique swivel feature allows the basket to swing away from the wall, making it easy for the hose to unwind and rewind. Plus, this hose reel’s steel body is powder-coated to be weather-resistant, and the neutral color will complement any home’s exterior.

The “lift and lock” feature secures the reel in position for storage, and when unlocked, it swivels out quickly as you move around your yard. This hose reel mounts easily on 16-inch centers, and mounting hardware included for your convenience.

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Has a decorative styling
  • Sturdy, weather-resistant metal design
  • 2-year warranty
  • Never leak water system
  • Prone to rusting

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Bottom Line

The above water hose reels pack durable, resilient materials such as resin or powder-coated steel. These features enable them to adhere to the weather and prolonged periods of sun exposure. Some even double as storage compartments to hold accessories such as adjustable nozzles, detachable, and extra washers or hose connectors and adapters. On the other hand, some reels are removable from the main housing to bring the hose in during winter or in cases of security threats.